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Readers Respond: Tips for Splits Training

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Quick splits

You want to warm up first then stretch about 3 times a day but make sure you get into the splits. If you're not fully down, go as far as you can then hold it for 30 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. I suggest you do that about 10 times, but you need to stretch still and do the same with both legs. That is how I made it into the splits. It could take about 6 weeks to get perfect splits if you practice 3-4 times a day.
—Guest taryn goddard


I am 21 and my advice is to do leg stretches before you try to do the splits. Once your legs feel loose and stretchy, go ahead and split!
—Guest professional jazz dancer


1. Practice every day; it will help you gradually get to your goal. 2. Only intake the daily amount of dairy you need. 3. Take a warm bath; it will boost your flexibility. 4. Sit in a pike and put your nose on your knees; hold 30 seconds. 5. Put your left food forward and right foot backward as far as you can go; hold 30 seconds, switch feet; hold 30 seconds, then left foot out to the left and out to the right; hold 30 seconds. 6. Warm up before you stretch. Jumping jacks warm the muscles. I started one foot off the ground. It's been three days and I'm seven inches off now.

Not flexible the next day

The reason you are not flexible the next day is because the stretches you did before you did the splits kept your inner thigh muscles stretched. Stretching is the key.
—Guest mia


I'm 11 and I want to dance, so what stretches do you have to do?
—Guest yolisha

It depends

It's different for everyone! I think everyone is physically capable of doing the splits but for some it takes a week of stretching every day and for others it takes a year! Nevertheless, we can all get there. The important thing is to do research, and never take only one person's advice...and have patience.
—Guest determined

Steps for getting there

A quick 60-80 second warm-up before stretches makes it easier and less painful. It sort of makes your muscles softer so it's easier to stretch. Then, before doing splits, stretch on one leg until you feel pain (not too much) and hold that for 30 seconds. Do same with your other leg. Then try the splits position on both legs. If you always push yourself and do this every day, within 2 weeks you should see a change!
—Guest bananasplitgirl

If you would help me please!

I'm 12 and I've never been able to do the splits. Any advice? And also, does anyone know how to do a back flip? Ive cheered every year but this year. I'm starting back next year and I want to be a professional. Is it possible? Help, please. If you have any suggestions reply back. Please and thank you!
—Guest T.


Well, I've been stretching and I still can't do it...help!
—Guest not close


I used to be flexible but I stopped practicing for just one day and I couldn't do it anymore. Now I am starting again and I am only about 1 inch from the ground. Also, I am a cheerleader and I know that most of the stunts we do involve flexibility. Anyway, never give up and practice every day. Good luck.


iIm a beginner for splits. I want to learn splits...please help me how to learn splits easily in my own home.
—Guest prithvi

Help me

Well I'm okay on my left split but my right split is just impossible. I've been stretching for a while and it barley helps. Help me please!
—Guest CareeseG

So close!

I have both of my splits down--right and left--and I am about an inch away from my middle splits. I am still holding myself up, and can't sit into them. It upsets me, but everbody has to start somewhere! I'm on a dance team, and you stretch everyday. Work for it, and the sky will be the limit!
—Guest becca


I can't do a single split since I was five and I can't do them now. Show me how to do them because I'm a dancer so I need to learn how to do them.
—Guest Manful

I can't do it.

I've been trying to do the splits for three weeks and I still can't do it. What should I do?
—Guest ashley

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Tips for Splits Training

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