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Readers Respond: Tips for Splits Training

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I'm Almost There!

I am almost down on my left and i heard there was a pressure point on you legs you just hit and it makes you do your splits do you know it?
—Guest Allison

The Splits

I found that by stretching everyday, I could do them. Try holding the position for 10 seconds on each leg a few times a day, instead of just trying and stopping to go onto other stretches.
—Guest dancer


I've always wanted to do the splits, but i've had no success! After doing all 9 steps, I found that I'm beinding a lot more! After doing that workout, I found that I was able to go a lot farther down on my left leg! I can not wait until I get all the way down! Thanks!
—Guest Amanda

Hey it took me two weeks

I had an amazing experience listening to Guest Kayla. I strecthed and it took me two weeks. Thank you kayla!!! I love you!!
—Guest Emma


I randomly wanted to do the splits and i couldn't do it so i did some streches and i could to it
—Guest reggy


I've danced for 4 years and just started stretching like crazy and my mom's friend said that you can go deeper into a split (right/left not center) if you tern out. I tried it and now I am like 3 inches away!
—Guest Dance boy dude!


One key thing you need to get your splits is patience. Dont push yourself too far too fast, thats how injuries happen. Take your time and stretch as often as possible, and make sure you work on your technique. once you get your splits make sure that you arent sitting on them. your weight has to be dead center between your legs, alot of people tend to sit to side(they sit on the right bun if they're doing right splits and same with the left). also make sure your legs are really straight

Yes, Anything Is Possible.

For those of you wondering if you are too old for splits, my answer is a simple "no". You are never too old. It is certainly true, however, that after a certain age it becomes much, much harder to get a "full" split (notice, I said "harder",but not "impossible"). In order to get a full split, you must work hard at it. You must also eliminate the words "cannot" and "unable" from your vocabulary, part of this is having the mindset of knowing you will make it. Try to get an inch closer to the floor a week (not a day). In a month, you will be four inches closer, and in less then a year (assumeing that you have any flexibility at all at the start), you will have a full split, left, right, and center. To stretch it is pretty simple, for side, go to a wall, place your butt on it, then slowly spread your legs apart, lower until it hurts slightly, hold for twenty seconds, then stop. Disclaimer, the author is not responsible for any injuries that result after following the above.
—Guest Maleballetdancer

The answer to your split problems ;)

My jazz teacher taught us how to do splits. OK, lay on your back and take your right knee to your chest for about 1-2 minutes, then let it fall to youe side. Then bring it back to your chest and square it off. (knee to your chest and leg in the air, foot flex, and hold your foot) You do this for about 1-2 minutes. Then you extend your leg and try to bring it to your noes. (Don't hold the back of your knee when you're doing this!) Also, make sure your other leg is on the ground at all times. Repeat this a couple times and slide into your right split. I'm definitely not all that flexible, and I could never do a split! But this really works, and I can do a split on both sides ! :D I hope this helped.
—Guest Beckkyy

Split work...guys especially

It took me exactly 2 months and 15 days to have only the right split completely down...and I'm a eighteen-year-old guy actually doing this (which makes things much harder!) Stretch right after you wake up, sometime in the afternoon, and right before you sleep at night. I would use pillows because I think this would feel more comfortable.
—Guest You Need Guts to Do THIS >.


Well the 1st thing you need to know is that you need to stretch every day for at least an hour.... and after 3-5 weeks you will be able to do the splits.
—Guest luvie

10 Years of Experience

I have been dancing for ten years. I have had my splits for 9 years of the ten. I recomend strecthing for at least 20 minutes a night, and sliding down into all the splits every night. If you try hard every night, by the end of four weeks people will be jealous of your amazing flexiblity.
—Guest Kayla


If you usually don't stretch that much I would start doing basic stretches at least once a day and slowly making them harder, but I wouldn't actually TRY doing splits until after at least 6 months of stretching a lot because I've been in dance for 6 years and we stretch a lot and when I first tried doing my splits I pulled a muscle in my thigh and I couldn't dance for at least a month and it pretty much started me all over on my stretching.
—Guest Tara

Right and Left Splits

i have my right and left splits and what really helps is starting your split from a deep lunge. (if you're doing your right split have your right leg bent in the lunge, and vice versa)once you're in the lunge push back into your split, keeping your front foot in the same place and straightening your front leg. also, once you have your splits try putting your back foot on demi pointe while your in the splits for an "oversplit". hope i helped!!
—Guest capadancer

Stretch Every Day!

If you would like to get your front or straddle splits, or improve on the ones you already have, try to stretch every day. Stretching can be fun, but it should also be a bit challenging. Begin each stretching session with easy and gentle stretches. Never stretch to the point of pain.

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