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I can't do a single split since I was five and I can't do them now. Show me how to do them because I'm a dancer so I need to learn how to do them.
—Guest Manful

I can't do it.

I've been trying to do the splits for three weeks and I still can't do it. What should I do?
—Guest ashley

Warming up

I have done gymnastics since I was two and I'm 13 and I still have not gotten the splits. (I quit for two years and lost my flexibility). I am so close to the splits. The key is to warm up with maybe jumping jacks. Then stretch a little and warm up your muscles. Lastly, you should do the splits. It will help. I got down two inches more in one day.
—Guest A

Can't do any of the splits

I have to do the splits but it's too hard and I might not make the team next year. Help me please...being a dancer is my dream and my life, and I don't want to throw it all out just beacuse I don't know how to do the splits. Please help me...give me tips and I will do them. I just want to live my dream, my life...and I sometimes get embarassed because all my friends know how to do it and I am the only one that doesn't.
—Guest Carolina vara

Never give up

I'm 11 and and it was really hard to get my splits but my best advice is to stretch every day, especially your hamstrings and your hips. I was trying really hard to get my splits but I couldn't do it so I stretched every day and didnt give up! I hope it helps.
—Guest Professional dancer

Me mixed with splits

I'm learning to do all three splits and I can almost do them, but I'm three inches off the floor. So I'm stretching a lot and I'm also in basketball and gymnastics so that helps too. I hope my advice helps.
—Guest b ball & gymnasyics


Try doing an overextended split, just a few inches off the ground, and make sure it's on something relatively soft. And don't forget to warm up your leg muscles with normal splits too.
—Guest xGold19x

Splits advice

I'm in drill team and we have to hold our splits and have to have them for our kick routine. Do a splits stretch, which is folding one leg in front of you and one behind and hold it. Also, a butterfly stretch and sitting on the ground and holding your leg in the air will help. We also plie for at least 3 minutes holding it. Don't give up! I've got my right and left down and now I'm working on my middle splits.
—Guest Starz-girl-1

All you need to do is stretch

Really, all you need to do is just stretch every day and night. I can do both splits, left and right, but I'm still stretching for the middle. Even though I can do both sides I still stretch and do them every night because my left side gave me more trouble than my right. So I stretch 24/7 and now 've got both down pat. I still work on my middle stretch 24/7 and guess what! I am really, really close to the floor. So trust me...dont give up! All you need to do is stretch.
—Guest can do both sides

Injuries...still stick to it!

I have a severe Achilles injury and have had it for over 3 months. I have been dancing for 8 years and had all three of my splits but the injury also shrunk my leg muscles, so my splits are gone. But if you stretch everyday using muliple hamstring and hip stretches, you will get them VERY fast. When I got mine, it only took me a week to get them all. I was sore, but I stuck to it. That's what you need to do! I have practiced and now have my left split back, so keep trying and believe in yourself!
—Guest Dancergirly1290

Keep trying

I have been practicing how to do the splits. I'm almost touching the ground and I have a feeling I can do them if I keep trying. Every morning you could wake early before school, around 5am, and stretch every morning. Every time you stretch it helps you get lower into the splits. You could even jog or put one leg in front of you and the other in back and push your hardest. Then you could see what you need to work. Take my advice and exercise for 2 to 3weeks. You should be able to hit a split. Keep trying. This is to everyone who wants to do splits.
—Guest Keaira


When I do splits, I always do somthing to take my mind off the pain I am feeling, whether it is playing my favorite song throughout the duration of the splits or just getting out my Dance Spirit magazine and reading it. It helps take my mind off the pain.
—Guest Dotty

Stretching and getting splits

For everyone who is far from having their splits: do YOGA every day, especially a) the pigeon pose and b) the crab pose. For those of you who are just one or two fingers away from perfect: warm up enough, do easy streches, then have somebody push you down the last 2 milimeters... (this is only safe if the distance is very short and you are very experienced in streching and splits)
—Guest Anette Schol-Bermel

Don't Give Up

The best way to get them is to go into a split and go down slightly out of your comfort zone. Continue to progress slowly. Also, to help with the pain, try watching tv or reading a book while you are in your split, that's what I do and it really helps.
—Guest Lexie

Tips for splits

Try pushing your back knee farther away from you. Also, put both your hands on the ground on the inside of your leg (near your inner thigh), twist your leg slightly, and stick your butt out a little, then bend your arms until you feel an intense streatch. Return to your original position and you should be down a little further. Remember, go at your own pace and make sure your legs and hips are alinged. Hope it helps!
—Guest backbendygirl

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Tips for Splits Training

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