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Readers Respond: Worst Dance Injuries

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Chronic injuries

I have danced for ten years and I have had two really bad ankle sprains and that was when I was really little and they still have pain in them and just a year ago I got bad shin splits and they still have not healed and now I have Achilles tendinitis in both of my Achilles it is super painfull and if I am not carefull they might rupture and it has become chronic so when your doctor tells you to take time off take the time off because if you dont your injuries will become chronic like mine and it is not fun
—Guest Tapper

so heres the thing

so my mom cant afford dance classes so i just use youtube and i tried to do a split and i forgot to stretch and i damaged my knee or something
—Guest roselana

Calf injury

I was dancing with my friends and all our sisters. We started doing cartwheels, bridges and splits! We forgot to stretch...so, after I had down a few cartwheels, i pulled a muscle in my calf, Its been 3 hours and it still hurts.
—Guest Kaitlyn

Knees, hamstring, ankle

I've been dancing for about 2 years now. I wouldn't use knee pads to protect my knees, and all the falling to my knees injured me. I now have patellafemoral syndrome on both of my knees and a strained ankle for not landing right from a leap! This school year I'm drill team captain at my school..about two months ago I had dance camp and while performing I landed on my right split too hard or probably I wasn't stretched right. Well, from that, my hamstring is pulled to this day. I go to PT and it's totally improving! My flexibly is much better but my knees still seem to hurt by just walking or bending them.
—Guest Ashbby

Undiagnosed Foot Injury

I'm 13 years old, and I have been dancing since I was 3. I began competitive dance at age 6. Dance is my life. It means everything to me. After intense choreography, my foot swelled up incredibly bad- I couldn't walk, put weight on it, or even move my toes! X-rays never showed anything. I was put in a cast for two weeks, crutches for four weeks, and a medical shoe for two months. Two to three months of sitting out of dance classes and competitions was rough. It finally healed, and I finished the season. Six months later, at a twenty-five hour week of dance camp, my foot reinjured. X-rays once again showed nothing. A diagnosis couldn't be done with an MRI. Bloodwok didn't prove any autoimmune disorders to be the issue. I went to multiple doctors, hospitals, and specialists, all with no diagnosis. My most recent visit was to a podiatrist, who strongly encourages that I give up dance. Nothing is worse than a career-ending injury, as I have always dreamed of being a professional dancer.
—Guest Dancer

mu knees!!

I don't know what I have done but for the last couple of days my knees have been hurting. It mainly hurts when I stretch them around my knee cap. It is getting worse as I am still dancing. It even hurts when I walk now. It hurts when I am doing lunges, jumping ,turns, leaps etc: mainly when I put pressure on them. I am 13 and do all styles of dance every day of the week, please help!!!!! I have been putting ice on but that didnt help :((( please i could not live without dance :(
—Guest teleya

Partially Severed Toe

I was at an audition and we were supposed to practice our solo pieces in an other room and gather ourselves. This room was lined with lockers and I was right in the middle of practicing my solo when I hit the corner of one of the lockers with my baby toe. I thought to myself "perhaps its just broken, I can continue." Well, to my surprise a pool of blood started forming around my foot and my entire toe was sliced open. The nail fell to the side and you could see the bone. The judges helped me tourniquet my foot to slow the bleeding. Well, couldn't continue, had to go to the hospital instead, because the toe was hanging on by the ligament and very little skin. I fractured my baby toe in the same direction it was gashed and partially severed the tendon. It's been great relearning basic functions such as walking evenly and turning or doing Releve.
—Guest RoseRose

Knees, Ankles, Hips, Back

I have had Osgood Schlatters and a bercitis in my knee, tendinitis around the achilles, bone misplacement in my hips and have torn things in my back time and time again. Just goes to show how careful you need to be; these injuries were all from dance. Yes, there are precautions you can take, but no, you cannot avoid all injuries. But if you don't want to be sitting out for 6+ weeks, take care of yourself. If something hurts, sit out.
—Guest 713

Knee and Ankle Problems

One time I was doing a tilt and as I was bring my leg up the kneecap on my standing leg (left) dislocated and i fell to the floor. Its happened before and I was able to hop to the back of the room before crying - and it happened 9 days before compeititon. Its an injury that doesnt fully heal quickly, and keeps reocurring, but I was able to dance at that competition. That was last year, but this year, just 2 days before my competition, I sprained my ankle coming down from a sote jump and I could barely walk three steps without it giving out. I iced it a ton and was able to dance. Needless to say Im very accident prone
—Guest Sara

I can't walk

So I spend all of my time dancing its my passion and I warmed up and danced from 9:30 am to about 4:00 pm then I was still dancing and my knee pushed to far back I still had to go to my three hour dance class and after eating lunch I went ad danced till about four because I couldn't feel my knee hurting I forgot about the incident and went to dance at 4:30 pm I then pushed in my knee two more times before 6 pm I could tell it hurt but I pushed it aside as I normally did and dance for and danced for an hour and a half more then I got home and went to bed I woke up like an hour ago ad I can barely stand up without falling down in pain
—Guest Clueless

Injury to the already bad knees

All of my years had been spent with gymnastics. When i started dance at 13, i fell in love with it but my knees would say other wise. now i am 18 and i noticed the slight pain in both of my knees and my doctor said it was probably arthritis. One day, about 2 months before competition, i was doing an a la seconde turn that was part of our routine and when i went into an illusion my left knee popped out. My coach called the ambulance and the doctor had said that i had torn my acl. I was taken out of the dance and my team competed and won 3rd place. it was hard to sit out and watch one of the alternates do my part
—Guest dancerme1000

Torn hamstring

I was being a show-off at church about a year and a half ago and decided to show everyone my splits. As I went down into them I heard a sickening pop and felt a searing pain down my thigh. Needless to say,I had a torn hamstring and an 8 month recovery!
—Guest katie

Tendons, tissue and sprains...

I have weak ankles and one day I woke up with an awful pain in my ankle that got worse and worse. i didn't tell anyone or stop dancing. Finally after a couple of weeks I told my mom and she took me to the doctor. They couldn't figure out what was wrong. 1 x-ray and a scan later... the doctor said I had tissue damage and severe inflamation in my ankle. If I didn't stop dancing and the pain kept getting worse He'd put me in a boot. Well, the pain got worse. Much worse. But I didn't tell the doctor. By April, I couldn't even go on releve anymore, point my foot, leap, jump, or stand in fifth position. So my mom dragged me back to the doctor (thank gosh) and he said no dance. Sitting out was worse than the pain to me so I started going to physical therapy but it didn't help at all. Finally, I went to a pilates instructor/ certifited DPT and she told me exactly what was wrong. I had a messed up tendon, inflamation, a sprain and tendonitis. After one month with her the pain is gone!
—Guest bunhead

Professional dancing days over

Like so many of you, I started dance young. I was on dance/pom teams from 6th grade thru high school. Danced competitively during that time also. Danced with a pro sport cheerleading team and majored in dance in college. First professional theatre production at age 14 and I dislocated my knee. Healed well and finished schooling and college with over 20 hours of dancing ( practice and performances weekly) Professional dancer after college and even performed the musical "Cats" - 10 shows a week for 4 months. No knee problems. TRhis spring, stepped wrong off a curb and fell......just told today by a surgeon that I have to give up dance. I am 26 and there isnt a surgery to help and I am too young for a knee replacement.
—Guest Broadway baby

Dislocated knee

Three days ago I went to ballet like I normally would. The class hadn't started yet so I was warming up. When I did a plie and stretched my knee it dislocated. It was so painful and my ballet teacher called an ambulance and they took me to the hospital. It was like a nightmare and the doctor told me it would take like a half year to heal and that was so frustrated. I go to a special dance school in my country and now I can't go there anymore and it hurts me so much. Today I'm going to a specialist and they're gonna tell me how long it will take. Wish me luck because I'm really gonna need that.
—Guest Lisa

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