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Readers Respond: Worst Dance Injuries

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my knee

I was practicing for my dance show. I did a jump and landed wrong. Lets just say. now im limping.(i had to drop out of the dance show too)
—Guest Eleanor


I was at dance class last year, i was practicing my modern solo routine and did a front kick my other leg slipped from upder me and i landed on my arm and broke my wrist :( I was still doing competitions with my cast on. a year before that i was practicing my pirouettes and slipped on the wood floor, went over on my ankle, tried to join in tap class but couldnt walk, only to find out later when i was in hospital that i'd broken 3 bones in my foot. I had to stay in hospital for 2 nights incase the bones moved out of place. But i was back at dancing the day after i had my cast took off.
—Guest Lisa


this is how it started. i had done a big jump and fell on my hip and my dance tech said i had hit varry a bad spot on the wood floor and had not moveed in 2hr i was doing a cristmas play and then it happin that was last cristmas and it still is bad. .the end.
—Guest hannah

My knee

Well doing the summer when I took strectch class for dance.I was doing a leg hold on the ground and for some reason i pulled my left leg close to me but it didnt hurt till the next day.I pulled a muscle behide my knee it had a big bruse.I bad.I couldnt dance for a week.

Oh my gosh! ouch!

that must really hurt! i feel bed for the person who got injured~
—Guest Danielle


Warming up for a ballet lesson in London, and told do do some thorough leg limbering, did splits on right leg then went to do the left (on a line to keep hips square) and heard a crack from my left leg, tried to shake it out and and proceeded to do an hour and a half ballet lesson including pointe work before admiting to the fact that i was really in bad pain, after travelling back from London the next day went straight to docotrs and diagnosed with a torn hamstring. Miminum of a month off dancing was the last thing i wanted to hear!
—Guest Purple


I was in rehearsal about two weeks before opening night and I had to take my partner into a lift, well my partner was somewhat inexperienced with lifts and while we were in the lift i felt her weight start to shift, my imediate fear was for my shoulder but then i felt my right knee start to pronate, after i put her on her feet I tested my knee and thought i had just sprained it about five days later I felt a stabbing pain in my knee during rehearsal and started to walk off the floor and realized there was no stability in my knee! So after visiting the doctor I was told That i had torn my MCL and probably hurt the ACL also, so at this point I'm weighting for an MRI before we decide if i need surgery.
—Guest Michael

My Knee

About five years ago I was in the middle of dress rehearsal for a show. The stage was slippery from the props from the previous dance. I jumped into the air into a leap, slipped and landed hard on the floor twisting my knee. My knee was bent and couldnt straighten. The ambulance came and took me off the floor. This was painful! When I did the xray, the doctors said nothing was wrong with my knee it was just a sprain. Here I am 5 years later and out of the blue my knee locked when I bend it and couldn't straighten. I went to the doctor, took an MRI and discovered I had 2 injures, meniscus tore and acl was totally destroyed. I had to immediately do surgery.They started the anthroscopic surgery but realized it was too much damage so they also did open knee surgery. This left a nasty scar and to day I am still feeling pains from the scar. I also started therapy afterwards.It has been 3 months and I am still home from work. Are there any suggestions to a speedy recovery? I will do anything
—Guest kevvanna


I was doing gcse dance - contemperary, anyway . . . i was doing a shoulder drop where you have to kneel down to your full kneeling height and drop onto your cest with your hands by the sides of your chest, i did my best shoulder drop and heard a 'pop' - i dislocated my shoulder and couldn't do dance for 2 weeks - all you could see was the top of my collar bone poking through my shirt! OUCH! :(
—Guest kazza

My Knee

Well, today I was doing a well intense warm-up and it was an assesment. I had to get into press-up position and lift my legs off the floor one at a time.(you can see where this is going) and i've done it and my leg has slipped and my left knee has gone! OUCH!!! I cried a little but my doctor has now said it is cartilidge...bummer...:(
—Guest blue

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