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Teaching Creative Movement
Teach ballet
Tracy Wicklund
If you are interested in enrolling your toddler in a formal dance class, the class will most likely be referred to as a creative movement, or pre-ballet class. Most dance instructors require children to be at least three years old before attending dance classes, even though a three-year-old will not be taught formal dance techniques or skills. Instead, a dance class of three-year-olds would probably focus on creative movement and basic body control.

In a creative movement class, children are introduced to beginning dance steps in a fun, recreational way. Toddlers and young children love moving to music. Creative movement is a fun way to explore body movement through music. Creative movement also helps children develop physical skills that will be used later in formal ballet classes.

Creative movement involves the use of body actions to communicate certain actions, emotions, and feelings. By following a teacher's instructions, a child can develop physical skills as well as encourage the use of imagination.

If you're not quite ready to enroll your child in a creative movement class, try leading your him or her through a series of creative movement activities. If you want your child to take it seriously, try allowing her to slip on a pair of tights and a leotard (even a one-piece bathing suit will work, like the pink one shown above.) Boys might enjoy changing into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with socks or even ballet slippers. Find an open space and set up a source for music. Try a few of the following activities, or be creative and think of some fun ideas of your own!

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