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Parents and Young Dancers

Tips for young dancers, and informative articles for parents new to the world of dance.

Start Your Child in Dance
Learn how to start your child in dance, including information about classes asnd how to find a good studio.

Guide for the Young Ballerina
An informational guide for young ballerinas. This guide will help you on your ballet journey.

'Dance Moms'
Learn all about the hit reality show 'Dance Moms.'

At What Age Should My Child Begin Ballet Classes?
Until the age of 8, children benefit most from pre-ballet classes. Before then, the bones are too soft for the demands of technical exercises.

Is Three Too Young to Start Dance Classes?
Is three years too young to start dance classes?

Dance Auditions
Learn about dance auditions for young dancers.

Can I Afford My Daughter's Ballet Dreams?
Your daughter wants to be a ballerina. Can you afford it?

Survive a Dance Recital
A dance recital is an exciting time for a young dancer, but many parents of new dancers become stressed and nervous about the experience. Here's how to survive a dance recital.

Dance Recital Must-Have List
Backstage at a dance recital is chaotic. Maintain your sanity by remebering to bring the following 10 items to the recital.

Share Tips for Dance Recitals
Share your tips and hints for surviving a dance recital.

Gifts for Young Dancers
Looking for a gift for a young dancer? This gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for your little dance-lover. Whether you're shopping for Christmas or another special occasion, these gifts will surely bring whirls and twirls of smiles.

Stage Makeup for Young Dancers
A step-by-step, illustrated tutorial showing the proper way to apply stage makeup.

Eyeliner Tips
Learn a few tips for applying eyeliner before a dance performance.

Share Eyeliner Tips for Dancers
Share your tips for applying eyeliner before a dance perfomance.

Child Ballet - Why Does Your Child Study Ballet
Share with others the reason why your child studies ballet.

Dance Expressions
Ballet dancers tell stories with their facial expressions. They use expressions instead of using words.

Teach Your Toddler Ballet
Teach your toddler ballet steps at home.

Tips for Teaching Creative Movement
Learn a few techniques for teaching a toddler ballet class.

Decorate a Ballet Bun

How to Make Heidi Braids

Make a Perfect Ballerina Bun
This step-by-step, illustrated tutorial shows you how to make the perfect ballerina bun with your hair.

Dance site dedicated to teenagers.

Perfect Gifts for Dance Teachers
If you are in need of a gift for your dance teacher, here are a few great ideas.

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