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Dance Styles

With so many styles of dance to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Explore the many dance styles in the world of dancing.
  1. Ballroom Dancing (26)
  2. Belly Dancing (16)
  3. Contra Dancing (5)
  4. Group Dances (9)
  5. Hip-Hop Dancing (5)
  6. Irish Dancing (2)
  7. Jazz Dancing (4)
  8. Line Dancing (5)
  9. Other Dance Styles (12)
  10. Tap Dancing (7)

Types of Dance
Dance seems to be a lot like ice cream flavors...it's so hard to choose just one. If you are thinking of trying out a new dance style, there may be a few you haven't even considered. Check out this list of dance genres and see which one appeals to you. There are many fun types of dance, you may need to sample a few to find your favorite.

What's Your Favorite Dance Style?
Of all the different dance types, which style do you find to be your favorite?

Dance Team Tryout Tips
Are dance team tryouts in your near future? If you're thinking of trying out for the dance team, you've probably been practicing for some time. The following tips will help you give it your best shot when the big day finally arrives...get ready to make your dance team tryout realy shine!

How should I prepare for dance team tryouts?
Learn how to train for dance team tryouts.

Praise Dance
Praise dancing is dance performed in order to worship God.

Disco Dance
Learn all about disco dance.

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