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Stretching and Flexibility

Learn several ways of stretching to increase flexibility.

How to Do Splits
An illustrated, step-by-step tutorial for learning how to do side and center splits.

Straddle Stretch Routine for Splits
Learn how to stretch effectively to increase your flexibility in order to do the splits.

Butterfly Stretch
A step-by-step tutorial illustrating how to do a butterfly stretch

Share Tips for Doing Splits
Are you working on your splits? Do you have any tips or tricks for doing the splits?

Yoga Stretches for Dancers
Add a few yoga stretches to increase your flexibility.

Barre Stretches
Illustrated demonstration of barre stretches in ballet.

Leg Stretches for Dancers
An illustrated tutorial of exercises to improve leg flexibility.

Thigh Stretches
A step-by-step guide to thigh stretches helpful for warming up before you dance.

Jazz Stretch Routine
An illustrated stretch routine for jazz dancing that you can do at home.

Jazz Stretch for Hamstrings
An illustrated step-by-step guide to stretching your hamstrings and strengthening your back and arms for jazz dancing.

Jazz Hip Stretch
An illustrated, step-by-step guide to performing a hip stretch for jazz.

Leg Hold
An illustrated guide to doing a leg hold in dance.

Tap Dance Warm-Up
Learn how to warm up for tap dancing.

Why do my joints pop and snap when I'm stretching?
Why do my joints make popping and snapping sounds when I stretch?

How Can I Stretch More Effectively?
How can I stretch more effectively in order to improve my splits?

Jazz Warm-up Stretches
Try these simple but effective stretches to help warm up your legs for jazz dancing.

Stretches for Splits
Learn a few stretches to help you do the splits.

Splits Stretches
Sometimes a few extra stretches can really improve your overall flexibility, in a short period of time. Shocking your body with these stretches may get you down into a split in no time.

Warming Up for Dance

Cooldown Exercises

Common Stretching Mistakes

Pilates for Dancers

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