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Dance Steps


Ready to learn a few dance steps? Try your hand, or feet, at the many beautiful ballet steps and poses. Maybe you'd like to move a little faster, with a little more spunk...check out the jazz steps. Perhaps you and your partner are in the mood for some ballroom dancing...try out a few of the basic poses. For a little more fun, brush up on the basic party dances - they're sure to make you smile.
  1. Ballet Basics
  2. Step Into Jazz
  3. Head for the Ballroom
  4. Party Dances

Ballet Basics


Do you know how to tendu? Releve? Pirouette? Even though you really need a ballet instructor to learn ballet, you can become familiar with several basic steps at home.

Step Into Jazz

Leg hold

View descriptions and illustrated tutorials of several popular steps in jazz.

Head for the Ballroom

Ballroom dancing

Grab your partner and try these fun dance steps for two.

Party Dances

Bunny Hop

Can you Cha-Cha Slide? Group dances, such as line dances and folk dancing, are tons of fun because everyone in the group performs the same moves at the same time. Get ready to cut loose at the next party!

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