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Dancing with the Stars

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The Bottom Line

Watching the various ballroom dances on Dancing with the Stars makes me want to get up and dance! Dancing with the Stars is one reality show that really takes the viewer behind the scenes, watching first hand as celebrities learn how to dance like professionals. I think it's great to see the celebrities develop unique dancing talents.


  • Excellent ballroom dancing performances.
  • Shows the tough work it takes to be a ballroom dancer.
  • Family-friendly, intense competition.


  • The women wear skimpy, revealing outfits.


  • Reality-based ballroom dancing competition.
  • Celebrities and professional dancers are paired together.
  • Viewers vote on their favorite couples.
  • Judges' scores and viewers' votes determine a final winner.

Guide Review - Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars is a reality show on ABC. A handful of celebrities are paired with professional ballroom dancers. The professionals have the tough job of teaching the celebrities how to dance as their partners.

Each week, the dancing pairs perform a new dance style in front of a panel of judges (and a live studio audience.) The expert judges score the performances. Viewers are also allowed to judge the performances by voting for them. Depending on the scores, one team will be eliminated each week. The competition continues until one winner is left standing.

Dancing with the Stars offers viewers a chance to see the various styles of ballroom dancing. Non-dancers realize that dancing is a skill that can be learned, although it takes a lot of practice.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Kate Goslin, Member roxanneann

Watching Kate Goslin dance in the dance floor or even rehearsing is stressful. Watching the show when it is her turn to the dance floor destroys the exciting momentum of the viewers... we watch the show to be entertained... not to be annoyed. What I notice is that the judges has always been careful in their choice of words in judging her....... so as not to hurt her feelings or already blown of ego? She is a certified primadonna. I wish she will be elliminated soon. I admire her partner Tony for having a lot of tolerance on her. I notice that Carrie Ann Inava was hard and harsh and a little bit racy on Chad tonight. We support Chad and Cherryl. If they will be elliminated soon before Kate...... well that is an obvious biased decision.

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