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Fun for Dancers

Here you can find lots of fun activities for dancerstest your dance knowledge with our fun dance quizzes, learn how to make dance-related crafts or voice your opinion in our dance polls.

Dance Personality Quiz
Ever wonder which dance style best fits your personality? Take this short quiz to find out!

Ballet Party
Learn how to throw the perfect ballet party for your child.

Dance 101 Quiz
How much do you know about dance? Take this short quiz to find out.

Basic Ballet Quiz
How much do you know about ballet? Test your basic ballet knowledge by taking this fun quiz.

Tap Dancing Quiz
How much do you know about tap dancing? Test your tap knowledge by taking this quick quiz.

Jazz Dance Quiz
How much do you know about jazz dancing? Test your jazz knowledge by taking this quick, fun quiz.

Dance Competitions for Kids
A detailed list of dance competitions for kids and young adults.

Dance Gift Ideas
Looking for a gift for your favorite dancer. Here are a few gift ideas for dancers.

Favorite Dance Movie - Share Your Favorite Dance Movie
What is your favorite dance movie? Share your favorite dance movie with others.

Dance Quotations
Quotations and sayings related to dance.

Dancer - You Know You Are a Dancer
You know you are a dancer when...

Have a Favorite Dance Quote?
Tell us your favorite dance quotation or saying.

Poll: Do You Follow a Dress Code?
Do you follow a dance dress code?

Dance Poll: How Long Have You Been Dancing?
Please vote in our dance poll: How long have you been dancing?

Do You Have Your Splits?
Do you have your splits yet? Vote in our splits poll.

'Dance Moms'
Learn all about the hit reality show 'Dance Moms.'

Top 10 Movies for Dance Lovers
In the mood for a great dance movie? Here is a list of 10 popcorn-worthy movies about dance.

Story of The Nutcracker
Take a look at The Nutcracker in pictures.

Perfect Gifts for Dance Teachers
If you are in need of a gift for your dance teacher, here are a few ideas.

TuTu Much: A Ballet Documentary
A review of the 2010 Canadian documentary TuTu Much, which follows 9 young girls as they take part in a 4-week audition.

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