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Do an Attitude Turn


Lift Left Leg in Attitude and Turn
Attitude turn
Tracy Wicklund
The attitude turn is a simple turn with one leg held in attitude position. Attitude turns can be performed in jazz as well as ballet. Turning with your leg in attitude appears effortless and graceful.

To perform an attitude turn, follow these steps:

  1. Begin with your right foot back and heel lifted. Relax your arms by your sides.
  2. Step forward into a deep plie with your right foot. Attitude your left leg behind you, spinning to the right on your left foot in releve. Circle your arms overhead as in high fifth position.
  3. After completing the turn, step with your left leg, crossing over your right.

Helpful tips for attitude turns:

  • Stretch your arms as your turn. Your arms will help keep your body lifted and give you momentum to make a complete revolution.
  • Remember not to whip your body into the turn. Instead, gracefully push your body out of a deep plie and let your whole body spin.
  • Keep your chest lifted, but don't arch your back.

As you become comfortable with the attitude turn, try a double or a triple. Keep in mind also that attitude turns can be performed with your arms in various positions.

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