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Popular Hip Hop Dances

Learn the latest hip hop dances...watch video clips of popular dances, including "Walk It Out" and "Aunt Jackie."

Pop, Lock and Drop It
Dances from the Hood's Tweetie teaches Huey's "Pop, Lock and Drop It."

Aunt Jackie
Tweetie demonstrates how to do the popular hip hop dance, the "Aunt Jackie."

Two Step
Dance along with Tweetie as she teaches the popular "Two Step."

Walk It Out
Tweetie teaches the popular hip hop dance, "Walk It Out."

Lip Gloss
Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss" dance tutorial with Tweetie.

Walk It Out
Learn how to do the dance step Walk It Out.

Cabbage Patch Dance
Learn the definition of the Cabbage Patch dance.

Do the Cabbage Patch Dance
Learn how to do the Cabbage Patch dance.

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