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Dance for Beginners


Whether your goal is learning new moves for the dance floor, becoming a professional dancer, or getting in better shape, you'll need a plan to help you reach your goals. These resources will teach you the basics of becoming a dancer, including finding a dance studio and choosing a qualified teacher. You'll get detailed information about dance gear you may need, from tights and leotards to ballet slippers, as well as various items you'll need to pack in your dance bag.
  1. Learn to Dance
  2. Choose a Dance Style
  3. Find a Dance Class
  4. Dress for Dance
  1. Start Your Child in Dance
  2. See Dancers in Action
  3. Learn About the Classic Ballets

Learn to Dance


Dance is a wonderful hobby enjoyed by many people throughout the world. Besides being lots of fun, dancing is good for you, both physically and mentally. Anyone can learn how to dance...it's all a matter of learning how to move your body.

Choose a Dance Style

Tap dancing

Are you a bit overwhelmed by the many different dance styles? With so many styles of dance to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

Find a Dance Class

Ballet Class

Once decide to start dancing, you may want to enroll in a few classes. How do you find the right dance class? What should you look for in a teacher?

Dress for Dance

Ballet shoes

Wearing appropriate dance attire allows you to feel comfortable and move freely. Here are some guidelines for how to dress for dance class.

Start Your Child in Dance

Baby ballerina

Dance is a wonderful activity for children. Besides basic dance skills, a dance class can teach a child respect, concentration and confidence. Learn how to introduce your child to the wonderful world of dance.

See Dancers in Action

Dance performance

Dance seems to be everywhere these days. From reality television shows to the big screen, people love to watch good dancers. Have you ever been to a live dance performance? Perhaps you have been to the ballet. Are you familiar with audience etiquette?

Learn About the Classic Ballets

Swan Lake

Before finding your seat at the ballet, make sure you know a little bit about the story. Every classical ballet tells a story, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. If you familiarize yourself with the story beforehand, the performance will be even more enjoyable.

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