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Dance and Health

Learn about how dancing can affect your health, including positive health benefits and possible dance injuries. Also find out about the nutritional needs of a dancer.

Pitfalls to Avoid During Competition Season
Seven dietary pitfalls to avoid during competition and performance season.

Top Ways to Avoid an Ankle Injury
Top five ways ballet dancers can avoid an ankle injury.

Top 4 Health Benefits of Dance
Dancing is a great way for people of all ages to get and stay in shape. Besides being fun, dancing has many positive health benefits. Following are the top 4 health benefits of dance.

A Healthy Diet for Serious Dancers
Dancers need proper nutrition to perform at their best.

Healthy Snacks for Dancers
Learn a few healthy snacks to eat before your next dance class.

Can Dancing Help Me Lose Weight?
Is dancing considered exercise? Can dancing cause weight loss?

Dance Injuries
Despite our best intentions, dance injuries do occur. Following are common dance injuries and their causes.

Treat a Dance Injury
If you injure yourself while dancing, immediate treatment will quicken the healing process.

Blisters - How To Prevent Blisters
Blisters - How To Prevent Blisters

Prevent Blisters - How Do you Prevent Blisters
Prevent Blisters - How Do you Prevent Blisters

What's Your Worst Dance Injury?
Share your worst dance injury.

Dancercise Kids
Learn about Dancercise Kids, a dance approach for making fitness fun for kids.

Schools Discovering Dance Dance Revolution Benefits
Schools are discovering the physical fitness benefits of the Dance Dance Revolution craze.

Have you ever tried a Zumba class? Zumba is a fitness program inspired by Latin dance, and classes are becoming more and more available.

Ballet During Pregnancy
Can you continue ballet dancing during pregnancy?

Why Do You Dance - Reasons Why You Dance
Why do you dance?

Whole Grains for Dancers
Learn about how healthy whole grains can boost a dancer's energy levels and immune system.

Prevent and Heal Blisters

Embarrassing Problems for Female Dancers
Learn about personal problems you may face as a dancer, and how to fix them.

Fix an Ingrown Toenail
How to fix ingrown toenails.

Diet for Dance Injuries
Learn about foods that help heal dance injuries.

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