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Decorate a Ballet Bun


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Ballerina Bun
Ballet bun
Tracy Wicklund
In any ballet class, a neat and tidy appearance is a must. When ballet dancing, a neat appearance will make your technique look cleaner and help you keep your mind on your dancing. Most female ballet dancers prefer to wear their hair in a tight ballet bun, a simple hairstyle that is easy to create and fun to wear. A tidy classical bun keeps your hair from obscuring your neckline, getting into your eyes, or flying into your face. Moreover, it creates a clean, elegant line.

If you are bored with your simple ballet bun, try dressing it up! By adding an accessory, your bun can take on a completely new image, giving you a fresh, polished look. Try the following ideas to fancy up your next ballerina bun.

How to Make a Perfect Ballet Bun

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