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Pointe Ballet Dancing

Tips for Making Pointe Ballet Easier


While beautiful, pointe ballet is difficult and often painful for beginners. If you are new to pointe ballet, keep in mind that it will become easier with time and practice. Following are a few tips to make pointe ballet a little easier.
  • Tip #1 Properly tie your pointe shoes. The ribbons on your pointe shoes are designed to help support your arch when tied correctly. Some dancers spray the tied ribbons with hair spray to avoid having the ribbons become lose.

  • Tip #2 Always pull your body up and out of your pointe shoes. Never allow your toes to support the weight of your body. Your entire body should work to pull your weight away from your pointe shoes.

  • Tip #3 Keep your knees straight. Straightening your knees will help keep the weight of your lower body off of your feet.

  • Tip #4 Keep your back straight and chest lifted. You may find it easier to lean your chest slightly forward. Be sure to keep your shoulders down.

  • Tip #5 Don't allow your feet to roll in or sickle. Hold your feet tall and strong and strive to achieve a perfectly arched position.

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