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Learn all about ballet, including basic positions, steps, and famous ballets.
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  2. Ballet FAQs (17)
  3. Ballet Hair (3)
  4. Ballet Methods (9)
  5. Ballet Technique (10)
  6. Famous Ballets (40)
  7. Pointe Ballet (22)

Learn Ballet
Find out what you need to learn ballet.

The Ballet Lesson
A step-by-step illustration of a typical ballet lesson.

Ballet for Beginners
Ballet is based on techniques that have been developed over centuries. Ballet uses music and dance to tell stories. Ballet dancers have the ability to transport an audience to another world.

Dance Expressions
Ballet dancers tell stories with their facial expressions. They use expressions instead of using words.

Make a Ballet Barre
Learn how to make a ballet barre for practicing ballet at home.

Ballet Warm-Up
Warming up for ballet class prepares the whole body for the work ahead.

Why You Should Warm Up Before Ballet Class
You will get a lot more out of each ballet class if you arrive a few minutes early to warm up and stretch.

Share Your Favorite Ballet Pose
Share a picture of your favorite ballet pose.

Partner Steps in Ballet
There are four main types of steps performed during a pas de deux in ballet.

Age to Start Ballet - What Age Did You Start Ballet
At what age did you start ballet?

Teach Your Toddler Ballet
Teach your toddler ballet steps at home.

Balance in Ballet
Having a hard time holding long poses? Here are a few tips for holding your balance in ballet.

Master Dance Classes
Learn how to get the most out of master ballet classes.

Top Ways to Avoid an Ankle Injury
Top five ways ballet dancers can avoid ankle injuries.

Enhance Your Arches for Beautiful Ballet Feet

Warm Up Gear for Ballet
Thigh-high leg warmers keep your legs warm.

Decorate a Ballet Bun

How to Make Heidi Braids

Tips for Cleaning Pointe Shoes
Learn tips for properly cleaning pointe ballet shoes.

Pointe Ballet Dancing
Learn tips for making pointe ballet dancing easier.

Inside a Ballet Company
Learn about the dancers in a ballet company.

Ballet Competion: Am I Ready to Compete?
Learn about what it takes to enter a ballet competition.

Bolshoi Ballet
Learn all about the Bolshoi Ballet.

Pilates for Dancers

Your favorite Combination at Barre
Which barre combination do you like best?

Linking Steps in Ballet

Top 7 Ballet Pirouettes
Learn seven different types of pirouettes in ballet.

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