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How To Survive a Dance Recital


A dance recital is an exciting time for a young dancer, but many parents of new dancers become stressed and nervous about the experience. Here's how to survive a dance recital.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: The week leading up to recital

Here's How:

  1. Plan ahead.
    Start planning a week before the recital. Make a list of everything you will need, including costumes, tights, dance shoes and accessories.

  2. Arrive on time.
    Plan to arrive at the place of the performance early. You'll need time to set up in a dressing room and your child will want extra time to hang around with her friends.

  3. Label all costumes and accesories.
    Many young girls in the same classes are the same size. Keep track of your child's things by labeling everything.

  4. Bring boredom busters.
    Recital days can be extremely tiring for young dancers. Pack a few quiet games, such as a deck of cards, to quietly pass the time.

  5. Relax.
    Keep in mind that recitals usually only happen once each year. Your child will be excited and anxious, as will you. It's not easy watching your own child perform on stage - you will be the one who is nervous. Try to relax and enjoy this special night in your young dancer's life.


  1. Practice a lot.
    Your child will be more confident about performing on stage if he or she knows the routines.

  2. Make sure your child is rested.
    Recitals are exhausting. A little extra sleep the week before the recital will go a long way.

  3. Sign up to be a stage parent.
    Most dance teachers only allow registered stage parents backstage. Your child will feel more at ease if you are backstage, too.

What You Need

  • A checklist of things to do.
  • A bag of neccesities.
  • A lot of patience.
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