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Improve Your Dancing

Learn ways to improve your dance skills and basic techniques.

Top 8 Dance Tips
Following are 8 tips to help you improve any style of dancing.

3 Tips to Improve Your Leaps
Following are 3 tips to help you improve your leaps.

Improve Your Balance
Balance is an important component of all types of dance.

Improve Your Turnout
A step-by-step, illustrated tutorial to help improve turnout.

Improve Your Posture
Good posture is important for all types of dance. Improving your posture will also enhance your overall appearance.

Point Your Toes
An illustrated turtorial for learning how to properly point your toes.

What Is Turnout?
In ballet, turnout is the outward rotation of the hips and feet.

Share Tips to Improve Turnout
Do you have any tips or exercises you use to improve turnout?

Improve Your Ballet Posture
Ballet dancers must learn how to properly hold their bodies in order to achieve maximum grace and balance.

Strengthen Your Back Muscles
An illustrated tutorial to help strengthen your back muscles.

Strengthen Your Leg Muscles
An illustrated tutorial for strengthening the leg muscles.

Dance Audition Tips
Dance auditions can be intimidating. Whether you are auditioning for a dance company, a major performance, or placement within your dance school, auditions bring out the butterflies in everyone. Even professional dancers feel the pressure as they pin their audition numbers onto their leotards. However, being a little nervous can actually be...

Tips for Learning Dance Routines
The following tips will help you memorize dance routines quickly and easily.

Practice and Perfect - Arabesque
Practice makes perfect! Practice the arabesque to perfect your technique.

Practice and Perfect - Developpe
Practice makes perfect! Practice the developpe to perfect your technique.

Summer Dance Classes
If you're thinking of taking the summer off, think again. Many dancers make tremendous gains, as well as losses, over the summer.

New Year's Resolutions for Dancers
If you are a dancer, perhaps you can think of a few ways to improve your dancing. Here is a list of new year's resolutions for dancers...write down a few and get dancing.

Tap Dance Tips

Dance Competition Tips

Master Dance Classes
Learn how to get the most out of master dance classes.

Tips for Pirouettes
Having trouble with pirouettes? Here are a few tips for improving your pirouettes and other dance turns.

How can I get a higher leg extension?
Learn how to get higher leg extensions.

How to Jump Higher

How to Be a Smarter Dancer

How to Choose a Summer Intensive Program
Learn all about summer intensive programs and how to choose the best one.

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