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Readers Respond: Tips for Splits Training

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From the article: How to Do Splits
Do you have any suggestions or special exercises for doing the splits? Are there any special stretches that have helped you gain the flexibility needed for splits? Share your tips and tricks for learning how to do the splits.

How to get your split

so right now I'm 11 yrs. old and I've been dancing since I was 6... when I was younger I always wanted my split but never practiced... Now I make it daily morning/night to stretch 1hr. and look up on your computer good stretches for getting you center split.:)
—Guest anastasia

I'm so upset

I've been trying to do the splits for months and I stretch everyday but it seems like I never really improve is it possible to be naturally unflexible
—Guest lala

My splits

Hi, thank you for your tips based on your advices in one week with daily stretching (morning/night) I have achieved my left splits. I'm 40 years old so never to late to start. I've ballet class once a week, motivation is very important during you stretching. I try to share some photos with you. Br


Ive stretched for 2 years working on my splits and im still not all the way down plz help me......
—Guest destiny


i have stretch for two month now but i still cant split pls what should i do
—Guest hope dominic

Im the least flexible here

Yep... whem im on the ground im lucky if my legs get to 90 degrees, but i still do some stretches everyday (at least i try). Im also starting ballet class once a week and i really want to get my splits... but I know its probably gonna take years- ive done ballet before. If anyone has any tips it would be great... but for anyone out there: the key is MOTIVATION .
—Guest Becky


I am 14 now, and I have been working on my splits since I was 11. I was just randomly stretching until I turned 13 and I really wanted to be Captain of my team. I had been on the team for 1 year and I had gotten my right split on and off. It came and went. But with Captain motivating me, I literally stretched everyday. I wanted my right easily, my left with a bit of stretching, and my center with at least 20 minutes of stretching. I have now accomplished that goal. The only thing I can say is you have to, HAVE TO, HAVE TO stretch regularly. You can't do the splits without stretching. I'm wasn't that flexible, but I stretched. A tip that really helped get those last few inches is squaring my hips and leg placement. In my right splits, my back leg (left) was going a bit to far to the right. Make sure your back leg is straight and in line with your front and you'll plop straight down. My tips have also helped a lot of the newbies on my team get their splits too. Keep at it and have passio
—Guest Dance Team

Lots and lots of stretching!

Every single day I stretch and do muscle training on your inner thighs, which REALLY helps! I have about 6" past my splits and I just stretch, train and perform. I'm a cheerleader, dancer and gymnast and these with for me so good luck!
—Guest Sarah

best way for doing splits..

you need a lot of patience..before doing the splits get ready..warm up..do different type of stretching so dat all da muscles gets flexible !! best of luck..!!
—Guest qwerty

i need help!!

I'm in 6th grade and I want to be a cheerleader next year I need to know how to do the splits please help all my friends can do it and trying out HELP!!!!
—Guest member 12

It needs prectice

The way I learned was from YouTube and google try that some times your knee will hurt you the is know prob it means it's stretching
—Guest Dorsa

correct splits

I want to knew how to do a split correct for my first try with lock of pains


Plz help me! I need my splits in a month but I'm a foot of the ground! Plz help me!
—Guest Harry

splits needed

i used to be able to do splits when i was eight then i lost them. i am now 13 and need at least one of my front splits in two months. i am 8 inches left olin my right split and 10 inches in my left split. :( i stretch everyday for 30 minutes any tips?
—Guest girl

I need my splits in two weeks and i cant

please please please help me i need my right splits for eisteddfod! :.......(
—Guest Amber Gately

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