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From the article: How to Do Splits
Do you have any suggestions or special exercises for doing the splits? Are there any special stretches that have helped you gain the flexibility needed for splits? Share your tips and tricks for learning how to do the splits. Share Your Tips


So you want to get your splits, huh? 1)Determine how badly you want your splits. Do you just want them because everybody else has theirs and you feel jealous or left out? Do you just want to feel cool? Or are you reaching for a goal and will do anything to get there? 2)Look up every stretch there is. Use the internet and Youtube. Find the stretches you like and help you and do those. (Though I recommend doing every stretch, just to be safe) 3)U have to stretch either EVERYDAY or EVERY OTHER DAY. U can't get ur splits if u don't stretch. 4)Stretch slowly. And I mean, turtle slow. U need time to do everything. Repeat stretches. Feel the pull and how ur muscles start to loosen after. 5)Stretch and ONLY stretch for 30 min to an hour. Don't attempt any splits yet. 6) After the 30 min are up, u should feel warm and loose. Then and ONLY then should u attempt a split. Hold them for a minute each. This is where the dedication comes in. It will hurt. Do u want your splits or not? If so, hold i
—Guest Dance Captain

Split tips!

Hi! I have all 3 splits, and I know they can take a while, but they are so great when you get them! For right and left, lunges are great. Also, just holding it helps. It hurts at first, but try to do 30 seconds, then a minute the next day and so on. Another thing that will help a lot with right and left splits will be getting your middle splits. Middle splits are the hardest for most people, but once you get them you can feel the difference. For middle splits, a stretch I love a lot is wall splits. Lay on your back on the floor against a wall with your head facing away from the wall. Go into straddle splits against the wall. And hold. And hold. And hold. If it hurts really bad, you should stop, but it should hurt a little after a while. If you really want good splits fast, have someone push your legs to the floor. This feels like some torture method, but if you can handle more pain and you really want splits, then I would suggest this. DO NOT push to hard, though! Respect your limi
—Guest DancerChloe12

middle splits advice

I have been about 4- 3 cm off the ground in middle splits for about a year. I need advice to getting that last few cm's.
—Guest Em

Hey time for ya splits:)

The first thing you need to do is stretch every day consistently this will improve your flexibility and do stretches like your straddle and lunges put your legs up and stretch them as far apart as you can this seriously helps bye gals :)
—Guest Let's dance for God

How to get your splits

1st you need to stretch everyday what I recommend is sitting on the floor up against a wall and doing a straddle stretch it really helps good luck gals :)
—Guest Dancer a+100%

why does this happen

every day i strech but i still cant do the splits right my back leg alwase starts to bend i watch videos i do the strech but my back leg still tends to bend
—Guest jasmine muldrow


A couple months ago I was no where near doing the splits but I was determined. It takes time but now im almost there! While sitting on the floor put your right legs out in front of you. Then with the other leg bend it so it on the floor and your knee is pointing toward the left. the space between each of your legs should be a 90 degree angle then reach for your right legs toes. repeat with the other side. This stretch is quite painful so be careful. It helps a lot on your road to getting your splits!
—Guest anonomys

Split or Not?

In my front splits, left and right, my front thigh touches the ground, the area very close to my pelvis and I can feel my self firmly on the ground and I can also lift my hands up without pain. I believe I am in a full split. But, I don't necessarily feel my butt on the ground. And my friend also told me that I have a gap between my back leg's upper thigh area and the floor. My back foot is on the floor and knee is facing the floor by the way. I don't know if I'm doing a split or not. And I believe I have my middle but when I look down... I can tell I'm not in a straight line. Instead of 180 degrees it is more like 170. My knees and toes point upward too (in my dance team we have to sit up in our splits for the team pic). I go straight down from standing up and my butt and pelvis hit the ground. Am I in a middle split or not?
—Guest toodles

Ex Dancer, but is fit

Back in 2006-2008 from kinder till end of grade one I did dancing because my dad was only working and my mum was still doing her exams on her junior doctoring job. So she was free to take me to extra sport lessons than my essential ones so I did dancing for 3 years and my teacher sent my stretches I had to do to gain my flexibility so I did those stretch and soo I became so flexible I went in to any kind of splits. By the mid year of prep and I was successful in every recital. But soon when my mum's job was announced by the end of my first grade and so she got busy so I had to stop dancing. Now and then I still exersice, warmup and keep very fit but I can't do the splits any more is there any special stretches that can help me gain them quicker, I am turning 13 this and in grade 7 I am in normal flexible but can't get my splits which I need help with!
—Guest Swetha Gollapalli


Well I only done the splits yesterday, how do I keep them? I really want to keep being able to them but I don't know how
—Guest dancelover922


In my cheer squad we make sure we stretch our less obedient legs more harder so there even with our other,also when your stretching try distract yourself so you can push further (music, tv etc) I'm about 10cm of my left splits and need them by tomorrow as I'm going to a cheer camp,could some of you name some good stretches for me to do and ones that really stretch your leg? Thank you,and good luck for getting the splits haha x x x
—Guest AmyMorgs

Middle Splits Mojo

For middle splits, if you already have your left and right... do those first. Then do the straddle stretch and get as flat as you can. Then do butterflies and press your knees down with your elbows. Then put your legs together in a pike and smell your knees. Try the frog. (Search it up) And best of all... Like a ballerina, turn out both feet. Both of you feet, heels and toes, should be on one straight line. Use the floor for balance. Push out your knees with your elbows. From there do side lunges. Again, the leg that's out's heel should be the only thing on the floor and the other leg should be one the same line, heel and toe. Your knee should be in line with the foot creating a right angle. Try to get your elbows on the floor in front of you. Do both sides. Then lie on your back next to a wall. Your butt should be perfectly on the wall. Open your legs to a straddle and push your legs open by reaching up and pulling each leg down. Hold for 5 Minutes. Then try your middle splits.
—Guest :)


How do i get my middle split av bin tryin it 4 months nw
—Guest Private


I tough my lil sis friends to do the splits in a day and they where not that close (about 10cm) And now my sis was trying for 8 months and now it;s just sad. I am on the other hand about 5 inc's away. Can you help me and my sis she is very very.... jealous.
—Guest teacher

almost there?

So i see you can't get the splits and your really low! Well maybe i could help! So what I do is hold my stretches a song long. Meaning I hold my stretches til the song is over. Another stretch that I do is I'd go in to my lunge position then put my head or my chin on my knee and slide down. It made get way lower! So try these tips and you should be able to do a split in around a month or less. Do them at least twice a day. Hope i helped!
—Guest danceluver12

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Tips for Splits Training

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