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Readers Respond: Tips for Splits Training

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Splits, Splits, Splits!

I can nearly do the splits! I'm only a few centimeters from the ground. I keep stretching but I still can't do the splits! Help me!
—Guest Ellie


I can really do my splits. How? I did it in just a while of stretching.
—Guest alex

splits are Easy

Just stretch. I have all my splits and over splits, and it takes patience, but you just have to stretch
—Guest Sienna Hamilton-Thibert


To more easily get your splits, do frog jumps! Do them until it hurts so bad and u start shaking. This may sound crazy but when u go in to your splits your muscles r too tired to resist your weight so u just slide into them! Also when u get them practice at least once a week or u will loose them, hope this helps!
—Guest Gymnast and dancer

Hurts my hamstring

I can't do the splits because of my hamstring. What can I do?
—Guest dancer

I feel like ive been stretching forever

Ive been stretching for over 2 month now, and im still like 3-5 inches off the ground for my middle splits, and dont even get me started on my front splits... I just dont get why im so far away from it. I can touch my toes with the middle of my hand when i stretch, and im only like an inch away from my butterfly stretch... So why cant i do any splits? Im starting dance in middle of october and if i dont get them by then ill be off the squad!! HELP PLEASE!
—Guest Mikayla

Practice makes perfect

I am currently stretching my splits, and I only have 2 cm left. About a week ago I got the full splits on my right leg, but the next day all progress I made was gone. Now I am so close and I know that stretching is the only way to get it.
—Guest Rosie


I have my left and right oversplits, but not my middle yet. I have had my right split since I was seven and my left since I was ten. I'm working on my middle but I was born with dislocated hips so it's something I don't think my body will let me do. I'm going to keep trying though! What helped me get my left + right splits: pull-throughs. You sit down with your legs out in front of you and pull through into the splits and then onto your stomach. Then flip back over to sit with your legs out in front of you and do it again. I do 10 on each leg to get warmed up for comps. :)
—Guest Banana


What happens when attempting the front splits I don't put my hands on the floor to stop myself from going further when it really hurts? Is that what you're supposed to do to to reach the full potential of your split?
—Guest Emma

Omg so close!!!

Everyday I stretch to about 2 inches away but I can't get any further! I have tried over splits, they helped a tiny bit, but I really need help!!! I stretch for about 2 hours a day every day, but it isn't making a difference!!! I am so frustrated!! Any tips!!!!!! I really need help!
—Guest Grace

I feel like i am hurting myself

I am about to start ballet and I want to be able to do the splits.I can do my front splits if I push myself and stretch for a while first,but only on the right leg.thestretch itself hurts but it isn't what is really bothering me. On the upper back of my leg right next to the buttox it feels tight or like it is ripping and I cant get it to stretch. It just hurts really bad like I am smashing something. What should I do?
—Guest Apple


Don't worry,your friend got it faster than you,because she probably has it in her blood,but all you have to do is push yourself,but not to hard!!!I have my left split and are really close to my right HERES WHAT YOU DO:do butterflies,also try to to down as hard as you can go, but stay their for about two mins.Do that every hour one day then the next day do it for only a little amont of time I promise you that they Willie get better,but practice makes perfect,but ifyou slack you get held back!!
—Guest Imgoodd!!!


I'm about 7cm off the ground I think :( I've been stretching a lot but do you have any tips to help me?
—Guest Claire

Hope it works!

I have been practicing how to do a split for the past couple of days. I hope these tips and suggestions work and I will succeed at doing a split.
—Guest liligirl

This works to get your splits

Here is a way to get the splits: First, warm up and stretch. Then go into a lunge keeping your front leg parallel to your foot and your back leg straight and as far back as it can go. Lift your arms into the air, then lean back and make your nose touch your knee. Then try to go into the splits...you should notice a difference.
—Guest Maya

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Tips for Splits Training

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