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Readers Respond: Tips for Splits Training

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Ouch, ha ha!

Splits are really hard! You have to laugh it off and not go, "ouch!" It really helps build confidence and you will have your splits down farther.
—Guest dancin ggurllll

Try this!

I stretch every day, just about. And I have gotten do much better. Here's what I do: 1. Go into a pike. That is, put both legs in front of you. Point toes! Try touching your head to your knees. Just try. Then, flex your feet. 2. Do the splits, just go as far as you can WITHOUT PAIN. Then hold for 15-30 seconds. These help me a lot! Try them!
—Guest Ashera L.

Try this

One stretch that helps me is to put yourself in the lunge position, put the arch of your nose to your knee so it fits comfortably with the curve of your knee. Keep your head on your knee at all times. Slowly slide the foot of your bent knee forward as far as it can go, then slowly put all of your weight on the ground. Hold it for 20 seconds, if you can. Then, do it a few more times. Return to the lunging position, (make sure you don't have anything for your foot to run into behind you!) and slide your back leg backward until your front leg straightens out. Put all your weight onto the middle of yourself. Hold it for 20 seconds if you can. Repeat a few times. This tends to be more affective for me. Do this and a few other various stretches (as featured in other articles) for at LEAST 10-30 min a day, EVERYDAY, and you should be able to do a split soon.
—Guest Shae


Include plie in your warm up exercise. You can do that for 7 days and on the 8th day try to split by stretching your right leg in front of you and stretch the left leg behind. Sit in between them. Do it every day...before too long it becomes effortless.
—Guest Anita

Tips 4 Splits

1. First you want to take a nice warm shower/bath and soak for about 15 min that will relax your muscles. 2. Then you want to go outside and run for about 5-10 min. 3. now go stretch your legs for about 10-15 min and run for about 5 more min. 4. Then you want to get into the position of the split (it might burn) and put your hands on your hips and just slide down as far as you can. 5. Now you've stretched out your muscles good enough to get a lot farther in your split. Repeat these steps for about 5 days and you will be able to do a full side split.
—Guest McKenzie- SC

Every Muscle and Joint

It is important to warm up every muscle before dancing. The same is true with doing the splits. I found that by stretching my calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and hips, I was able to get into the splits faster. Before when I couldn't do them, I would try so hard to get down, but was never successful. I learned that by stretching each individual muscle, I was able to not only get in the splits, but my dancing improved as well. Maybe this will work for you. Good luck!
—Guest Ballerina Bridget

Im almost there on the right split

I do stretch every day if I can but it's pretty painful. I feel like my muscles are really tense. I almost have it on the right split, though. I'm so close but whenever I do the left my knees bend and then I give up. Does someone have advice ?
—Guest Alexandra Luna

Help me!

I cannot do the splits and I need help. I'm about 2 feet off the ground and would like to start sometime this week.
—Guest .........

I don't know how to do the splits

I don't know how to do the splits but kick your leg on the bathroom counter and touch your toes.
—Guest umm

Be determined

This is the worst possible advice and should be removed from the page. Forcing splits and ignoring the pain will only lead to damage of the tendons, ligaments and muscles. Splits CANNOT be done by everyone. You can improve your splits through hard work and patient persistence, but if your body is not built for splits, you will only hurt yourself seriously by working against it.
—Guest Susan Harvey

How to split

i am 10 and I can do the splits but I used to have to look up online to see what stretches you have to do to become more flexible. It takes time but it works.
—Guest catcat2001

I'm not flexible at all!

I just want to do the splits but I don't even know how to warm up or stretch before training it! Would you help me? And how long does it take to do the splits?
—Guest Tina


I'm 15 and I think I will never do a split. Could someone help me?
—Guest problem


I have been trying for so long and I am only 10 years old. Dancing is my life and I will do anything to be able to do the splits! Please help me!
—Guest Professional dancer

Right splits are impossible

I have been stretching for about 1 1/2 weeks every morning, after school, before supper, and before I go to bed every night and on weekends. I stretch for 3 hours. I am about 2 inches from the ground on my left split but my right splits are almost impossible. Please help me, or show me ways to improve them. I have dance line tryouts March 26-30 and one of our things we have to do is a left and right split. I really need to get down my right splits. Please help.

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Tips for Splits Training

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