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Readers Respond: Tips for Splits Training

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Hope it works!

I have been practicing how to do a split for the past couple of days. I hope these tips and suggestions work and I will succeed at doing a split.
—Guest liligirl

This works to get your splits

Here is a way to get the splits: First, warm up and stretch. Then go into a lunge keeping your front leg parallel to your foot and your back leg straight and as far back as it can go. Lift your arms into the air, then lean back and make your nose touch your knee. Then try to go into the splits...you should notice a difference.
—Guest Maya


Put your legs straight out in front of you. Get your face as close to your knees as possible then just keep taking deep breaths and leaning forward until your nose touches your knees. Do this for about a week and eventually your legs will loosen up and you'll be able to do a split.
—Guest hayleigh


I am like so close to my splits. I'm like an inch away!
—Guest Linda


I've been stretching for about four or five hours every day for two and a half weeks! I'm ALMOST there, only three inches off the ground! I'm trying o get my splits because I'm going to a VERY fancy dance school this year and then I was like, everyone else probably already has their splits! So what I've been doing is warming up first, doing some jumping jacks and jogging, and then start my stretch routine. But the most effective thing has to be wall splits. Wall splits are when you go as close to the wall as you can and then spread you legs into a straddle, like you sitting on the wall.(this is for middle splits only) For my side splits I just lay flat on the ground, take one leg up and take it as close to my face as possible without bending my knee. Hope this helped!
—Guest 10 year dancer

i dont know how

I am not in anything but I want to be a cheerleader, but I am not flexible at all. But I have been practicing.
—Guest mar...riah

Back leg twists

I'm trying to get my splits but my back leg keeps twisting around and it's stopping me from getting into the splits.
—Guest guest

I'm not flexible

I'm not in dance or cheerleading but I did take dance for a year and then went to soccer. I really want to be able to do the splits. All of my friends can.
—Guest hshshskksjsnasuc


I have always been trying to do the splits. I'm like half a foot away.
—Guest Sneaky Virus


All I had to do was stretch a couple of hours and I could do the splits.
—Guest Cheyennewhitlow

So close!

I'm just a few cm away from being flat. Any suggestions?
—Guest Stretch Obsessed Girl

Easy For Me

I have been able to do the splits since I was about 3 and I go to gymnastics and they tell me to do box splits by sitting in straddle and lean forward with my knees straight and pointing upward with both sides of my legs (this is how I stretch). Then I stand in straddle and lean over so a I am looking straight ahead, then slowly slide down. When I am the furthest I can go, I put my arms out to the side and hold it for about 2 minutes then go to a wall and slide into box splits.
—Guest Ashleigh


You are more flexible when your muscles are warmed up so try warming them up by exercising or a hot shower before you stretch. Also, you need to relax your muscles because the pull you feel is the body's natural response to the way you are bending. It's to prevent getting hurt.
—Guest GuessWho

Splits Advice

I learned my split in one day. I just stretched a lot for about a week straight and I finally tried it. I got it but then my legs began to hurt, but I stretched more and practiced my split even more.
—Guest Daria

Does not work

I do not know how to do the splits. I just learned how to do the bridge.
—Guest No nothing

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Tips for Splits Training

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