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Readers Respond: Worst Dance Injuries

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From the article: Dance Injuries
Ouch! Most dancers have suffered an injury...one minute you're dancing, the next minute you're on the floor. What's the worst dance injury you've ever had? Share your story with others. Share Your Dance Injury

Shattered Hip

When I was 6, I began to have hip problems. One day, I was doing a leap and finished in arabesque but didn't plie. I heard this cracking noise and fell to the floor and then passed out from the pain. When I woke up, it turned out that the 'hip problems' was a loose piece of cartilage and when i didn't plie, it hit the ball of my hip just right and shattered it into 17 pieces. So now I have a metal ball in place of the bone.
—Guest Alyssa

i have to quit

i've been dancing all my life, and i just finish my first year at norways best danceschool just now.. last summer my knee was dislocate and i tore a hole bucnh of things in my knee.. the doctors told me i would never be able to dance again i would only make it worse... i guess they were right, because now it have happend again.. i have dedicated all my life to dance, i've lost all of my friends because i love dance more, and i always choose dance before anything... now my carrier is gone and i don't know what to do.. i bassically have nothing left.. i pushed all of my friends and family away.. they almost don't speak to me. Be careful about your injurys... don't push it
—Guest amanda

Hurt ankle

I am 13 turning 14 in a few days. I got my side aerial a few weeks ago but I can't get it now. I have been trying really hard and I keep landing on my ankle wrong. I keep twisting my ankle and falling to my knees. But I just get back up and try it again. This keeps happening over and over again. I went to the doctor a long time ago and I got x-rays. They said it was just loose ligaments. But now that I'm doing them everyday they are hurting a lot more. I have gotten loose ligaments a long time ago, probably about 3 years ago, and the doctors sent me to physical therapy. They have never stopped hurting since but I am determined to get my aerial again
—Guest Shaylah

Knee cap

I'm 15 and I dislocated my knee cap half way and I have a show in 6 weeks I get my cast off next week and then physio I should be fully recovered for the show but please wish me luck!! This is not going to stop me dancing i am determined to come back stronger than ever!!!
—Guest Dancer

Left Knee Cap Dislocatoin

I was at the barre one day stretching and my left knee cap dislocated. It was so scary and painful. I went through three months of PT and when I had healed I went back to dance. A couple of weeks after I went back, I was just standing at barre and it dislocated halfway because I was wearing a brace. So, I had to have surgery, which was about 8 weeks ago. It is called MPFL reconstruction. I have had a pretty good recovery so far. I am just hoping that I will be able to return back to dance fully and fulfill my dream of becoming a professional ballerina.
—Guest BallerinaCBear

Ankle Surgery

About two-thirds of the way through the season, my right ankle always felt like it needed to be cracked, like it was jammed, but now matter how much I would crack it, it would still hurt. Two months after I noticed it, it had gotten to the point where a roll up from plie to pointe was literally impossible, it hurt so bad. Turns out I had OCD of my talus bone, an actual piece of my bone broke off in my ankle. I had to get it surgically fixed and was in a boot and on crutches forever.
—Guest Cailin


Pole bruises! My skinny and bony legs get bruised all the time. Oh, and my butt is twisted from doing over splits, it hurts! That's what brought me here.
—Guest Kapi

Moved Growth Plate

While performing I somehow hit my foot so hard it moved the growth plate in my big toe joint. I didnt realize the injury for about 1 month when I got a stabbing pain in my foot while doing roll ups on point. I was put in a shoe for a month, which moved the plate back, but it was still swollen. I did a week on crutches and the shoe for another month. Finally we found out that the way my feet are built Im a target for those kinds of injuries. On top of that I have naturally Hyper Extended Knees.
—Guest green

ACL injury

I was at a dance competition and landed a jump. Right away I felt a pop. Turns out I tore my ACL. But good news! I had surgery and am back to full dance. Hallelujah!
—Guest Jillian

Some pulled leg muscle?

So I must have done it in dance class, or in a practice or something, but I think it was when I was starting double spins. I was doing one, and forgot to spot, and I landed on the floor. My upper thigh/butt was in so much pain! I then went on for months doing the splits, and jumps, thinking it was normal to have a stinging bloodshot pain in my upper thigh. So now after getting annoyed with it, I went to the doctor and she told me to stay off it for 1-2 (maybe 3) weeks! I'm kind of sad, but I'm already a few weeks in, and I'm afraid of losing my talent in dance. But you know, after listening to some of you guys' stories, I don't feel so bad!
—Guest movengrooovedancer


I have been dancing for 9 years and my very first injury just happened. While learning tryout routines, I did a barrel turn and rolled out, twisting my wrist. After 3 days of swelling, even with ice, and lots of pain, I got some X-rays. I have torn ligaments. I ended up still trying out, just in a half-arm cast. I made the team though.
—Guest Dancer4life


I have tendonitis in both of my ankles, one of my knees, and my wrist. I also have a stress fracture in my knee cap ( the one with tendinitis) and the knee cap is dislocated. I just fractured my pelvis as well. On top of that, my company goes to nationals in two weeks and I can't go.
—Guest Anne

Watching the Russian State Ballet

Corps de ballet was way out of sync, poor musical timing, skeletal orchestra, frail and unsteady prima ballerina, complete lack of technical polish. It was painful.
—Guest Disappointed

Shooting toe pain

I was practicing my lyrical dance and when I went on my tip toes. My toe started to get a shooting pain that felt like I was being pinched with full force. I tried to massage it but it only helped for a very short time, until it was back again. I have no idea what this is or what could have caused it. Any ideas?
—Guest Harper

Knee Cap

Ive dislocated my knee cap several times. basically, my knee cap moves to the outside of my body when my leg is completely straightened and i stand on it and i twist it teh wrong way. for instance, i did it from doing a heel stretch and the standing leg got hurt. So this time i did it and this happened today btw.. i dislocated my knee cap and my dance competition is NEXT SATURDAY i cant stand on it or put pressure and i need crutches and a brase. i only neeed crutches for 1-2 days. and im front and center of teh dance and there is only on rehearsal before competition. theres no way im missing it

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Worst Dance Injuries

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