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Readers Respond: Worst Dance Injuries

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Kneecap dislocation

My worst injury was when I was on stage performing!! My class and I where doing a jazz peace and I was going into a split, I hadn't had a lot if time to stretch before the show and when I went to bend my back leg and look back I felt it pop out I was so scared I had to pop it back into place on stage and then limp off. So always remember to stretch before you try to do anything flexible!!
—Guest Renee

Dislocated knee

I've been dancing from the age of 3 years and now 15. It is my life and have never wanted it as bad as I do now. However 6 weeks ago I dislocated my knee in a dancing lesson. After a painful hour wait for the ambulance with it still dislocated they put it back in place and the relief was huge. I was preparing myself to audition for dance colleges and had an up-coming festival which I could no longer participate in. I was gutted and am still out of dancing now. I start physio tomorrow but I'm terrified it is going to take longer than I expect to heal. It has been a long 6 weeks, and I don't think I can cope with it being any longer. Just got to pray I hear what I want to tomorrow!
—Guest 1998


I have been in dance for 9 years! I recently was doing a turn and my knee stayed in one spot as my body turned and I fell to the ground. My knee cap got bruise and I sprained and dislocated the knee cap.
—Guest Samantha

dont know what to do about it

i was in dance class for 1st period and my real dance teacher was back from having her baby so we had to leap across the floor and i did a real leap like the real dancers but after that day my leg started to hurt so now when i do any warm ups my leg would have a sharp pain to the point where i really cant do anything now. im so worried
—Guest dancer9941

Over all pain

I have been working on my splits, but something's holding me back, I'm so sore one day I can do them but the other day I'm far from it, are my muscles going to be like this forever!
—Guest Jane

Tendinitis and Sprained Ankle

When I was 8 I sprained my ankle (I'm 13 now) and I just danced it off, because it didn't really hurt. I was having LOTS of pain in both my ankles. I couldn't twist them, I could point them. Everything hurt. I went to the doctors and they diagnosed me with having tendinitis. It's in your tendons and it's extremely painful. Also, recently, I have been having pain in my hip. Whn ever I do turns or high kicks and leaps, my hip pops and cracks and can be very painful. They also diagnosed me with having tendinitis in both my ankles AND my hip. I have to wear a brace for 1 month and sit out of dance. Worst month is ahead.
—Guest Alexa

Bad knees

This had started happening a month ago and it keeps coming back.I was practicing my solo for showcase itwas fine but when I went to go do my a la seconde turns I went on relevay the pleaye and I fell because my knee started hurting and it keeps happening every wednesday and showcase is in 7 days.
—Guest Sanii

Muscle pains

My mum was able to afford dance classes when I was little but now she can't. I still practise everyday though. Yesterday we had a dance class at school, I was so exicted. I got though the entire session even though I had toncellistis. I woke up an hour ago and I'm so sore. I just realise that I forgot to stretch before and after. Now my legs hurts, my back, my bum and my feet are killing me.
—Guest Dance rocks

TPFX Career Ender

I started dancing because I wanted to impress a girl in high school. Yes...I'm a dude. Little did I know I would fall in love with it. Primarily hip hop and step. Danced for over 10 years. While practicing at home for an audition I was doing a few hip hop steps, a back flip, and then crack snap and I fell on my ass. Tried to get up - no way - my leg went two different directions. Called to my wife, went to the ER. Congratulations you have a tibial plateau fracture. Two surgeries, a steel plate, seven screws, and lot of pain later I was on crutches for 4 months. After a year of rehab I was told that my dancing career was over. Well, 5 years later it is still hard to move the knee in anything but a normal walk or light run - forget dancing. I still try to spread my love of dance and volunteer with my wife at an after school program for underprivileged kids to try and expose the kids, especially boys to dance.
—Guest Adam

Cracked my growth plate

I am 12 and I am a year ahead in dance. I cracked my growth plate playing soccer and am now sitting in my basement trying to dance after two weeks. I can really feel the pain in the songs I choreograph dances to
—Guest Sad

Torn mcl

I have been dancing since I was 3 and doing competition since I was 7 I'm 12 now. Ever since I can remember I have been having pain in the side of my right knee especially hurting when doing splits and every time i bend it i hear a popping sound and I feel it rubbing up against my bone. Recently my knee has been killing me and I found out i have had tendonitis in my medial collateral ligament for years and i just recently tore it! My advice is if you feel pain tell someone and get treated before it gets worse!

Mcl and dislocating

I hate my knees and I have danced for 7-8 years I am almost 11 and I was practicing my hard core solo and I heard a crack and pain rushed to my knee I was in so much pain but I kept dancing we went to the docter 3 months after the injury as everyone thought I was lying about my injury so I was put in a full leg brace a full leg cast crutches that almost ended my dance life but then I got of crutches and did my solos in a full leg. Brace I was so happy cause I did it but the. This year in ballet I heard a crack my knee hurt but I did not stop I dislocated my knee and I am on the sideline but. I get to bed acne in two weeks than I get an mri
—Guest Sad girl

Dance injury

The worst injury I had was when I was about 13 and I tore my achilles heel it took months to get it right.
—Guest loll

Dance ruined my bones.

I do fluffy morris dancing (kick) and I knew when I started at age 7 that it was hard on the bones. But I figured that I'd be fine as there are some dancers who have danced through their whole childhood and still dance as adults and they are fine. Well let's just say out of team of 10, 4 girls have serious bone problems. I am number 5/10. Apparently the moves we do are unnatural and the bones aren't made too do them. If you start between a certain time, it's worse. My doctor told me to quit dancing forever. And I feel terrible for ignoring him, but I can't quit. I love it too much, even if it's painful.
—Guest Em.

Torn Hamstring

I was at dance a couple days ago and I was showing my friend my heel stretches. I could do my right, but not my left. But for some reason, I finally got my left. I kept trying it a lot of times and it didn't hurt, but then I heard 3 loud cracks near my hip. I did it again and heard 3 more cracks and my friend heard too. Then I really started hurting from my hip to my knee and couldn't do any left leg stretches. I finished dance and then I could barely walk. The next day I was told a tore my hamstring really high up, and the higher it is, the longer it takes to heal.
—Guest Hannah

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Worst Dance Injuries

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