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Readers Respond: Worst Dance Injuries

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I have tendonitis in both of my ankles, one of my knees, and my wrist. I also have a stress fracture in my knee cap ( the one with tendinitis) and the knee cap is dislocated. I just fractured my pelvis as well. On top of that, my company goes to nationals in two weeks and I can't go.
—Guest Anne

Watching the Russian State Ballet

Corps de ballet was way out of sync, poor musical timing, skeletal orchestra, frail and unsteady prima ballerina, complete lack of technical polish. It was painful.
—Guest Disappointed

Shooting toe pain

I was practicing my lyrical dance and when I went on my tip toes. My toe started to get a shooting pain that felt like I was being pinched with full force. I tried to massage it but it only helped for a very short time, until it was back again. I have no idea what this is or what could have caused it. Any ideas?
—Guest Harper

Knee Cap

Ive dislocated my knee cap several times. basically, my knee cap moves to the outside of my body when my leg is completely straightened and i stand on it and i twist it teh wrong way. for instance, i did it from doing a heel stretch and the standing leg got hurt. So this time i did it and this happened today btw.. i dislocated my knee cap and my dance competition is NEXT SATURDAY i cant stand on it or put pressure and i need crutches and a brase. i only neeed crutches for 1-2 days. and im front and center of teh dance and there is only on rehearsal before competition. theres no way im missing it

Sprain/trapped nerve

I trapped a nerve, then I danced on my hand and sprained it badly but because it was numb I did not feel the force. When the numbness had gone there was extraordinary pain. I say also warm your wrists up before doing any type of dance.
—Guest beth


When I leap on my less stronger leg sometimes my Achilles heel hurts. I can feel this little bone near it sticking out. But the next day I'm fine. I have no idea what that's about. Maybe I need to stretch my legs out even better before I leap.
—Guest Lily

Twisted knee

I've had a few injuries while dancing. I've dislocated my thumb once, torn a ligament in my shoulder, I couldn't dance with my arms for 3 weeks, and I twisted my knee doing an arabesque. I was off dancing for nearly 8 weeks because every time I tried dancing again it would re-twist. It was extremely painful. It's still stuffed and I have to permanently wear a knee brace...it's so frustrating! I'm going back to dance next week but I'm going to take it really slow and hope my rehab at home has been working, otherwise I might need to get an operation...let's hope not!
—Guest V

Rib and ankle

I was doing ariel cartwheels in the middle of class one day when I didn't get enough momentum. I tried to put my hands down, spraining my wrist, then I fall anyway and cracked two ribs.
—Guest Danie

My poor knee cap

I was dancing and my knee cap just popped out. I was too scared to pop it back in so the doctor did. I'm in pain at home, no dace, so sad.
—Guest angie

Sciatic nerve

I was learning a heel stretch one time at my jazz class and had to kick up into it. There wasn't too much pain at the time but soon after I started getting pain in my buttock muscle. I think it's sciatica caused by a disk out of place but I'm not sure. With the pain I cannot go into splits, and it's really messing with my dancing. I'm trying to get my parents to take me to a chiropractor but it's expensive...for now I guess I'll be dancing through the pain.
—Guest Stephany


Two years ago I started to have pain in the sides of my big toes (mostly the right one) so I went to the doctor and she said that it was fine, just do not cut the nail really short. It got so bad that I went to a foot doctor and he tried to just pull back the skin but it hurt so bad and was swollen so bad that he had to give it surgery. It wasn't a big surgery, he just cut off some of the skin and cut off all the nail on one side of my toe. The worst part was that I couldn't dance for three weeks. This happend again on both sides of both my big toes, which was bad, but now I have no pain in any way on my toes!
—Guest Dance4ever

Poor, poor ankle..twice :(

I was at practice, dancing to to the music, when I did a wrong step and my ankle twisted. I went to the doctor and they told me it was just a slight twist and that I should be careful and rest for a while. Obviously, I didn't listen and tried even harder. Like 3 weeks later, I fell while doing a triple pirouette and sprained my right ankle. It hurt so much. I went to the doctor and they told me it was a 2nd grade sprain and went to physical treatment, gave it RICE and recover. But it was horrible.
—Guest Becks


I love dancing but have just acquired a horrible case of achilles tendonitis. What do I do?
—Guest Ava

Swollen shoulder tissue

At a competition, I realized I could not move my arm. It was excruciatingly painful. I had to dance through the pain. I immediately went to the chiropractor to find that my shoulder tissue was swollen and starting to tear. Unfortunately, I had to stop ALL arm movement for three weeks.
—Guest sarah

Knee, and foot.....twice!

Two years ago, I came out of stag leap on the wrong side of my left foot and fractured the fifth metatarsal (also called jones or dancer fracture). I wore a walking boot for about 8 weeks. The next year I did the same thing, about an inch lower on my foot, while doing a la secondes improperly (I was hopping because I was just learning.) This was about another 8 weeks in a walking boot. Last year I stepped down funny and twisted my left knee. It dislocated my patella. My doctor says I have naturally hyperextended knees so I'm prone to injuries like that. Recover was about 10 weeks with physical therapy and a patellar stabalizing brace. Hopefully this year my left leg curse won't strike again.
—Guest Brittany

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