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Readers Respond: Worst Dance Injuries

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Achilles Tendonitis

I used to have achilles tendinitis because I didn't stretch my achilles enough before I danced. The most common time to get achilles tendonitis is 10-12 which is when I got it. Its really painful and lasts about 3-6 months so if you have it it doesn't mean you have to stop dancing just make sure you stretch it really well before physical activity and if it gets to sore rest it. Another cause of achilles tendonitis is over streching your achilles e.g. cramming your feet and toes under a doorway to get a better point which only hurts and doesn't help.
—Guest Dancer4567

Sprained Neck

I went to a intense dance workshop and danced really hard. The next day when ever I turned my neck it really hurt. I just had to lay in bed for a few days and I missed a performance which really sucked
—Guest Dancer4567


I have really bad knee pain in my left knee and I couldn't jump or put pressure on it. When I went to the doctors they diagnosed as alignment problems. My ankles have always collapsed in and now I need orthotics because it is affecting my ankles, knees and hips.
—Guest Cdancer

ankles and wrists

I really qanted to learn my side aerial really bad. I have a mat so I figured I can't get hurt that bad. I tried it a couple of times and decided I would go for it all this time . I did and I cracked my ankle on a fireplace and my wrist on the ground. It hurt pretty bad. But I'm the person that gets up and does it again so I did. This time I landed on the same wrist but doing that made it feel better. Thus I know is a bizarre story but it happened. I can know successfully do a left side aerial! Because my dance teacher always said work through the pain and I did.
—Guest emma

sprained wrist

A couple years ago, when I was a little child. I'd always forget to stretch. One day I wanted to do a handstand during dance class. Then, suddenly my wrist started to hurt and I fell. I didn't think it was serious, so I ignored it. The next day I got a huge bump on my wrist, so I told my mom and we went to the doctors. The doctor said that I sprained my wrist slightly. He didn't give me a cast which you can sign he said that I should use one of those stick on casts. After a few weeks it got better. But till this day when I bend my wrist back too far it starts to hurt a little. (' _') ('-')
—Guest smiles


I was doing the frog stretch, down nearly to the floor, and it was hurting a bit but I held it for the 1 min - then my dog came into the room and jumped on my back. My inner thigh muscles are strained and slightly torn, and I couldn't do any split or hip stretches for three weeks. It hurt to walk for 3 days!
—Guest Imogen

ouch! my foot!!

I have been dancing since I was 4 years old and these last couple of months, whilst I've been rehearsing for my upcoming show, my foot has really started to ache. I've been warming up properly and walking through my feet and walking properly and stuff. But I don't know what's causing the pain in the arch of my foot but it's quite painful when I walk on my feet. I've tried to massage it but some how it still seems to really hurt. I've not bothered going to the doctors as half the time they are useless and you can't even manage to get an appointment with them. But I haven't a clue what's causing the pain?
—Guest fiva dancer

knee and foot

so this past competition year has been interesting. I started it off by dislocating my knee. then one of my classmates Hannah pulled her hamstrings, then another, Kenzie, sprained her ankle. once Hannah's muscle was feeling better she left a dance room with her tap shoes still on and slipped and sprained HER ankle. oh ya and gabby broke her toe but whatevs. so only one person from our group was dancing for like 2 weeks. then it was my first day back at dancing again full out and so I was working on my aerial. I almost landed it multiple times but it never actually happened. but from doing it so much I kept landing my foot wrong. throughout the day it just got worse to the point where I couldn't walk. turned out I broke the outside of my foot. I didn't get to compete at regionals this year but NATIONALS HERE I COME!!! it really sucked just sitting there watching all my teammates tho I wish I could've competed :(
—Guest dancer125

Doing healstretch

I was doing my roght healstretch and i hear a pop and my butt muscle is in searing pain now. Help!
—Guest Theresa

Hurt knee

Well I'm 13 and about 2 months ago I hurt my right knee and I haven't bend it seens it hurts like crazy and I can't bend it. I was doing bar splits and hit my knee on the bar and fell to the ground cause it hurt soo bad. It really swollen so my my tasked me to get an xray I get the results nothing is wrong. But why can't I bend it? They send me to an orthopedic but they say nothing is wrong and all they can do and send me to physical therapy. She the only who thought about getting and mri soo she ordered one and I have to go tomorrow to get it done. I'm scared to death cause she said there could be torn ligament which can't be seen in a X-ray! All I want to do is get better and go back to dance. It's my passion. Hope I get all go news and can bend my knee again!
—Guest Sara


I didn't stretch properly and went right into a scorpion, I have messed up my hip and currently doing yoga to stretch it. I hope it gets better as I love dancing/cheer.
—Guest AP

Exam Hip

I'm 12 years old and have been dancing for 11 years. I was in a ballet exam a couple weeks ago and at the start of the exam, at the barre, I went into my first exercise (pliés) and as I bent down, I heard my left hip pop! It killed the entire exam but I still did it. I didn't do PE the following Monday but did dance on Wednesday. Halfway through the lesson, I heard it pop again and had to sit out! After that, went to the doctors and issued me for an x ray! After a 3 week christmas break of no PE or dance, yesterday was my first lesson back and I feel as good as new!
—Guest Yazoo

Torn ACL

I was eleven when I tore my left ACL, doing a spin, while someone was beside me. Her leg jabbed into my knee as I was spinning. My knee was bent and I fell down in pain. When I tried to get up, the pain was too bad so I just sat there at cried. PATHETIC...I KNOW
—Guest Dancer2222

Weak ankles

I'm actually really lucky....I've never done anything career ending. About....I want to say for to five years ago, I decided to do a cartwheel in my living room. I'd done it before, and since I'm usually practicing dance in some form in the house I'd become an expert in how to dance with complicated moves in tight spaces. But I miscalculated this time and hit my ankles really hard-- my left on the table, my right on the floor. For three days I was barely able to walk because I twisted them, but even now my ankles are pretty sensitive and I twist or aggravate one about a minimum of twice a month. I have a couple of good quality braces that I use every now and again, but I know by now I'll never actually get to be on pointe....though since I don't actually enjoy ballet anyway (I'm a contemperary/jazz dancer), this doesn't affect me too much. However, some moves that require a ton of ankle strength also require a ton of repetition, more than most people, if I'm to accomplish it.
—Guest Maggie

Sprained wrist

When I was 7 I got my Aerials and I was super excited so I went outside on the concrete to try them after class and landed really hard on my left wrist. I was running into it really hard so my slammed it down pretty bad. All I remember was crying as my older sister (then 11) ran inside to get an adult, my dance teacher told me no to do it, my wrist still hurts when I put pressure on it, 3 years later!!
—Guest Dancer1276

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Worst Dance Injuries

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