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Readers Respond: Top Reasons for Dancing

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Why do you dance? Does dancing help you express your creativity? Do you feel empowered when dancing? Tell us why you dance. Share your reason for dancing with others. Share Your Reason


sometime our feeling lead us to dance,and if you dance you become strong,be more flexible.
—Guest nosipho

The pick up, when I'm down

When I'm dancing, its like when you close your eyes and just listen to music. Right before I go on, I take a deep breath, close my eyes for a second, and relax. I start, and there really is no stopping, you just keep going with the music and feeling. There's just that feeling when your done, and while your performing, that you just feel...at home.
—Guest Hannah (channelette)

reason to dance

I feel amazing when I dance the movement the feeling of being complete of the music going through my soul and through my body makes me feel on another level of happiness that can't be reached through normal means
—Guest madness

dance is amazing

The rush feel Movement Learning Dance moves Sweat Blood Injury It's worth it If you live and sleep and breathe dance
—Guest breanna pepper

dance is my way away from the world.

when im going through a tough time dance makes me forget about it. i have been dancing for 10 years and its always gotton me trough those times.
—Guest breanne

I love to dance

because movement is in my soul. When I feel my body move through space, I am in a state of true happiness!
—Guest Robert Miles Soderstrom

Why I dance

When I dance, my soul comes out of every muscle, every joint, every pore of my body.
—Guest Whitney

Dance Is an Anti-Tode From The World

Dance is like a essay to the writer. . . Music for the singer. . . Motherly love for a baby.. . . Birth,Life and Death for me...
—Guest Ab'z

Why do you dance?

I dance to let go of accumulated and stuck emotions, negative energies, and physical blek. Yes, I meant to say blek. That's when energy gets stuck in my body and I start to feel heavy or sick. I move it out! With an awesome ecstatic dance, or tribal fusion, and I feel 100% better and light-er. Dance is my medicine and my refuge. I dance to love myself, then to share that good positive energy with the entire universe, and I don't doubt that that is what I am doing for one minute. Blessings.
—Guest Beth Ann

my life..

I know meaning of my life..when I know I am born to just dance......!!!
—Guest d' virus

Thank you

When i hear the music my body can't get up and dance.
—Guest Chantelle Tsebe

Dance, my FAMILY

dance, dance is a stage where i meant dance to be my mother, I love dance as my mother, respect dance as respecting father, care for dance as caring for little sister, share evrerything to dance as sharing to elder brother... dance is genuinely the backbone of my life.
—Guest Abhay


Dance is freedom of spirit. :) When I hear the music my body can't help but want to get up and dance. I feel happy, free, as if nothing else matters; at that moment I can conquer the world, they are no pains, regrets, sorrows just joy, and an amazing feeling that can only be felt not express...If I only had one word to say that will be DANCE.
—Guest Elle

dance and the shape of legs

I have unshaped legs and I like to learn and enjoy ice skating, I want to know that does it help to the shape of my legs and make them pretty or not? what exercise is proper for the legs especially when you feel a little pain in your knees?
—Guest samane

i love to dance because

when im dancing, there is not even a single micro-second that i think anything except movement of my body. The magical feeling , the love, the independence , the empowerment, the happines, the sadnes and the fulfilment of soul are the reason why i dance.:-)
—Guest Gaurav Kumar

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Top Reasons for Dancing

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