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Readers Respond: Top Reasons for Dancing

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Why do you dance? Does dancing help you express your creativity? Do you feel empowered when dancing? Tell us why you dance. Share your reason for dancing with others. Share Your Reason

why i dance

i dance becuz i put my sad and painful emotions away the only thing that gets my mind of other things is by dancing
—Guest bree

Why I Dance

Someone once told me, "Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life. It's the expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy." For me it is all of that.
—Guest ElexisAnn

Its my love

The only thing that can keep me going! the only thing that teaches me how to live, makes me feel i am someone! the only thing that brings smile on my face, the only thing I concentrate so much!! I just love every letter of DANCE!!!!
—Guest Sindhu

dont know....

when i dance i feel that i'm happist man in the world.i hear every bit or evrey single moment of a song.i dance from my heart.i like to dance......
—Guest rayhean rana

Why I love dance?

The reason i love dance is because, it helps express myself. I dance everywhere i go, when i hear a beat or a song i can dance to. Dancing is who i am always be you cause if you're not you're only hurting yourself. thats the reason I love dance.
—Guest Armani

Why do I dance ?

I love dancing, I enjoy it, I find it fun. I can't resist myself from dancing, maybe it is my passion. The songs, the beats makes go crazy and forces me to dance. Whenever I dance I feel alive.
—Guest Vanshika

why I dance

To me dance is not something that can be taught to anyone. You must be born with it. It's an instinct. Idk how my body knows exactly what to do with the music but it is beautiful. I can reenact any emotion or time I want to and live in it right then with the music. It's life to me. The only thing that brings me to life.
—Guest katie


There is nothing when compared to dance when it gives you everything you want. Some people are born to dance. dance makes u feel that way :)
—Guest dancer


I'm far from a perfect dancer and human, but dance is the almost the only time I've felt something like perfection. I've only felt it a few times; on stage, after a well executed combination, when a teacher compliments me, etc... I'm going into high school in less than three weeks, but tonight I must decide if I am going to do crew, the only sport I'm interested in. If I do that, I might have so give up some of my classes. I haven't yet decided, but writing this has helped me some. Thank you
—Guest K

My passion

I see dancing on TV and I feel so happy just watching it, I put my music on and go in my own world. I feel free and away from all hate. I
—Guest isabellsteff1213

why do i dance?

i dance because i love dancing. it makes me feel happy. yesss... its my shortcut to happiness. it makes me feel best. it makes me feel connected.. it helps me discover myself. it inspires me and everyone around me. it gives me peace. its like i am addicted to dancing.
—Guest Neelam


—Guest kriya

Why do I dance

Dance is my life. when I was little, I want a big fan of wiggles. In my age I going to these disco and just made my own moves. went I becoming a teenage, I discover something my talent is dance. i start to train to do the best. I went to this place to practice my dance, it called kulture break. My dream is to be the best solo dancer and choreography in australia. dance make me feel happy and in love with someone.
—Guest Lachlan sheather

why do i dance?

i dance because that help me get my mind off other things and it make me feel like im somebody.
—Guest taylor

Reason to Dance

I dance beacuse dance is my passion. Dance is like my family because it always help me and pick me when I feel bad. It always make me feel better and WORTH. This feeling is the feel that i love the most. I want to dance. I think about it 98% of the time. In school in hme whenever I am... I want to dance. I feel it like I'm inlove with this feeling. That sport... ♥ my little world gets little bigger after every of my trains. I have motivation and I'm not gonna give up on my DREAM!!! So people find your motivation! By book by friend by movie ... or etc. Just find what you need do what you have to do for you... and never get down! ♥ keep it up! Step by step.
—Guest Glory Smile

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Top Reasons for Dancing

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