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Readers Respond: At what age did you start ballet?

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At what age did you take your first ballet class? Maybe your parents enrolled you in a pre-ballet class when you were under five years old. Perhaps you didn't buy your first pair of ballet slippers until you were 9. Ballet is fun and rewarding at every age, but professional ballet dancers usually begin training at an early age. At what age did you start ballet? Share Your Age

ballet girl

I am 12 almost 13 and I want to be a professional ballerina I can ALMOST do a split, I am a pretty good dancer. I was in a class for a year when I was 6. I am gonna go into classes in August. Is it possible for me to become professional?
—Guest ballerina in training


Im 13, turning 14 in june, and I've been dancing since I was 3, I only danced for 1 hour and 1 day a week so I pretty much got no where, and I never danced ballet, it was usually hip hop or jazz.. Anyways, I quit dancing last year to play basketball because my parents wanted me too. Thankfully I quit, and now im back in dance except once again im only taking 1 class for 1 hour.. I did poms this year tho, and I realized how much I want to dance.. I keep on begging my parents to let me take more classes, but there not exactly the most supportive bunch, and they would rather have me play basketball then do ballet.. Im thinking I should just quit, but at the same time I don't want too, at all. Dancing was always my sun on a rainy day.. its the only thing I have left. But how am I supposed to get anywhere if I cant even get in any dang classes! I practice all the time in my room, but do you know how hard it is to do jumps/leaps in such a tiny place?! I just don't know what to do anymore..
—Guest Dancer


I took one single ballet class, that was less than a half an hour because I arrived late when I was six or seven. I've always loved ballet but money was and always has been an issue so I was never able to take the classes. I'm currently eighteen and would like to do it. I've waited long enough. I know I can never be a professional dance but God knows I have to try. Just being able to dance in pointe will be enough for me. Live, love, dance.
—Guest kailae

Started at age 9

Hi, I started at age nine, i'm twelve now, (been dancing for 3 years). i take 8+ ballet (yes i know, :c ) 12+ lyrical, and 9+ tap. I REALLY want to get better at ballet because i hattttte being with the younger girls, it always feels so awkward. Honestly, i think i could go onto teen ballet (11+) it would not be so hard because i already know everything in ballet. i dont know why im not in that class......sure, I occasionally mess up, but doesnt that happen to everyone? ughh! So im considering switching studios bc my studio right now is just annoying me.
—Guest anothadancedream

I am wondering

I am 20 years old, my dream is to be a ballet dancer, is there anyway to learn?
—Guest mera


I'm 18 now and I REALLY want to do ballet but I feel as though it's too late and that I don't have the body for it. I do other types of dance styles. I will be starting ballet this month(hopefully). I hope I don't make a fool out of myself and that I can one day(hopefully soon) be in advanced ballet or pointe.
—Guest Breanna

Dancing old or young

I started dancing last year when I was in 8th grade and now I am in ninth grade I love dancing right now I am doing Pom but I don't think it's for me I love the look of ballet pointe dancing and I am thinking of doing that instead of Pom but I really love both and want to become a professional dancer
—Guest Tiffany

i started in 2013 at the age of sixteen.

I started ballet about six months ago but I don't seem to be making any progress I want to be able to dance but I'm starting to think that i have left it too late, I can't even do a simple leap yet :/ x
—Guest colin

hoping to start now

I am 15 and I just want to find my passion but I know that me having practically 0 experience isn't helpful for my age but I think I could be good but I don't want to be too old when it is truly my time
—Guest mimi

im 12

im 12 and I want to sart but im worried that I wont be able to because I have missed to much
—Guest hi

Will i be judged?????

I used to do dance when I was four but I quit! I regret it now because I really want to do dance. my mom and me talked about it for about an half an hour and she finally decided that I can do dance as long as I am happy!!!! There is only one problem I am afraid the other girls or boy will make fun of me. I chose a dance company where I know very few people so no one could make fun of me but I still get the jitters thinking about it.
—Guest the new girl


I started ballet when i was 12. Ever since i can remember, I wanted to be a ballet dancer and perform in front of people. I was so obsessed even though my parents told me i wasn't allowed to do it until we could afford it. Many years later ( age 12) i joined but i didn't like being placed with children that were so younger than me so i left and took up netball. But i regret leaving all the time, keep wishing i was still in ballet and dancing my way to paris or something. But i'm 16 nearly 17 and I guess i'm too old to start again :(
—Guest Meg

Started at 5 hated it now 12 (:

Started ballet when I was 5 but I wouldn't pay attention and I used the ballet bar as a net to play volleyball over... My teddy bear spent most of its time wearing my leotard and tutu (which had loads of chocolate stains down it) Im tall but super clumsy..in the recital everybody was suppose to be flowers but I was the flower pot
—Guest amy

3 till 7snow now 13 :(

I done ballet when I was 3 till I was 7 I quit because I really disliked my teacher I have danced since then I am best in street dance having done lessons for 4 year since I was 8 till 12 and I am pretty good at tap i done it when I was 7 and 8 then done a few lessons at the theater company I am in I picked it up again by the second lesson and was best in the class by my fourth lesson even though there were girls there a lot skinnier than me and who actually done tap lessons outside of the group.I have always loved dancing from a young age and now I really want to start up ballet again I am quite over weight and self consious so I have been putting off asking my parents To enrol me in classes but I just decided to ignore every one else and go for it if its what I want to do so I think if you want to do it you should its up to you what you do and if you love it don't let something as silly as weight or age or height etc put you of because in they end they will be the silly ones :)
—Guest lola.is.a.nickname?

Getting back into ballet

I am Caitlin I am 10 years old I whant to start ballet and go to the royal school of ballet.i don't know if I am too old to start it or go to that school it has always been my dream to do ballet as I used to but we started to move a lot I I stopped I really want to get back into it but I am wondering if I have waited for too long too start again
—Guest Caitlin

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