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Readers Respond: At what age did you start ballet?

Responses: 68


At what age did you take your first ballet class? Maybe your parents enrolled you in a pre-ballet class when you were under five years old. Perhaps you didn't buy your first pair of ballet slippers until you were 9. Ballet is fun and rewarding at every age, but professional ballet dancers usually begin training at an early age. At what age did you start ballet?

Age I started dancing

I started dancing at age 12. I am now 17 and have been invited to join numerous companies around the world.
—Guest Lizzie

Not too late!

I started ballet when I was 13. I'm now 16, and I take two ballet classes a week and one pointe class. I just started pointe this year and I love it. Sure, I'm a little behind the other girls my age, but it doesn't bother me. I'm happy to be where I am. It's definitely not too late. You can go far in just a few years!
—Guest Courtney

Haven't started :(

I have had obsession with ballet only for about a year now and wants sart but my dad thinks it'll ruin my feet and I have to pay for lessons (I have no money) and I've just had a leg operation so i have to wait a couple of months. And there are no good dance schools near me D:
—Guest Nicola

i still haven't...

since i was around five i wanted to dance. anything was fine by me, ballet, tap dancing, latin-american, anything. but i was very shy and none of my friends wanted to do it with me so i didn't. (i did pre-ballet at four/five though, but that was the end of it.) i regret it very much, i'm thirteen now and i can't dance at all and i have no coordination, but i still wanna try and i'm gonna do it now before i'm sitting on the couch at 30 all regretful thinking of what i could've done but didn't do because i thought i was too old. so you should definitely give it a try!
—Guest Claudia

dream is gone

i'm 20 and i wanted to play ballet since i was 4 but never started and it's too late
—Guest merna

i am 14

i want to do ballet so bad, i just want to know if im to old to start
—Guest erniebella

I'm 11 is it to late?

I already do contemporary dancing... I'm 11 and I would really like to join ballet and be a professional ballet dancer when I am older.... My friend is on Demi point and going onto pointe at the end of the year.... Would I be able to do just 1 class a week?
—Guest 11yearsofage

at 14/15

im starting ballet this year. it will be a ballet technique class to get me better in things like jazz and even tap. im usually a really shy and awkward person but when i dance (i do jazz, tap, hip hop and this year ballet technique) i feel so great and invincible! im really nervous and about taking ballet. i took it when is was 3-4-5 yrs old but then quit and went into jazz and tap... i havent done ballet in about 10 years!!! wow! (omg my first class is this week!!!!!) wish me luck! :)
—Guest dance99lilacviolet


I started ballet when I was 11. Now I am 13, I am on pointe. It is never to late to try something new!
—Guest Tessalyn

When I Started Ballet

I started ballet when I was 8, and all the other girls had all had much more experiance than me. But, within 1 years time, I was very, VERY good! I'm 11 now and I'm going on pointe soon. It's never too late to start ballet, as long as you're happy! Sorry for such a long review, but I just had to say SOMETHING :)
—Guest Guest Tori

never to old

I hate it when I see comments stating that 12 yrs old is to late if you want to dance pro, some of your top world dancers started when they were that age. It all depends on your passion,drive,love and dedication.
—Guest lildancer

I Started at age 7

Started Ballet around age 7. Talked my parent's into signing me up. One other Boy in class. The usual Girl talk but, was accepted. It was fun then & is now. I take two to three classes a week. Very serious. Now in my Twenties. Don't let the boys in your school tease you. Ballet is Fun & Beautiful
—Guest Mark

is it to late

In 11 I want to do ballet is it to late because my family can't afford for it HEEELLP MEE
—Guest in

I started when I was 6

U really don't hafto start young to be a ballerina my friend jasmine started this year she is 11 and already working on her pointe!
—Guest Poppy

Started at age 5 or 6

I believe I started in First grade. A little shy at first. There were 3 boys in class. I couldn't believe how much it was. Had to wear Pink slippers. No black that small at that time. Started with thirty minute classes. The three us took Ballet until middle school. They didn't want to be teased. I realized I had to take at least three classes a week to get good at it. I loved all the costumes and the all the beautiful colors. I also found out when you get older in Ballet that the Boys will tease you & call you names. I had my parents support me & I dance until my earl forties. You can start Ballet at any age. It's fun & you get to lift girls.
—Guest Dance Lad

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