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Readers Respond: At what age did you start ballet?

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I started ballet when I was two!

I am now 13 and still do ballet, and I'm now en pointe.
—Guest milly

Not yet

I've always wanted to sign up, but never got the chance to. I am 15, and finally got my mum to agree and I'm going to start tomorrow. Can't wait! Personally, I feel it's possible to start late and still excel as long as you have the passion.
—Guest Faith

When I started

I started ballet in pre-school. It was just pre-ballet and I loved it! I did quite a few performances: Copellia, Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutracker (2 times) and a spring performance. I quit when I was in 4th grade because I did not have enough time, but I am seriously regretting it. I want to start up again and I am 13 now. It won't be easy but it's worth a try!
—Guest Leila

I started at two

Then did ballet until I was 14 and quit for high school. Now I'm 18 and seriously considering going back to ballet. I have this huge fear that I've forgotten everything though
—Guest Becka


I did ballet for about half a year when I was about 4, but quit because I got bored easily. Now, at the age of 13, I want to start again, but don't know if I can, as I don't know how flexible I am.
—Guest sian

I was only 2

I was only 2 when I started. I was doing four classes at a time and loved it. I quit at age 9 to start focusing on gymnastics. Now I want to get back into it at 14.
—Guest dancer

I Was Three...

I started ballet when I was 3. (I believe it was mostly pre-ballet, though I'm not 100% sure.) I danced anywhere from 1-3 times a week (more as I got older) up until I was about 11. (then I decided to stop and do competitive swimming instead.) However, I'm starting to want to get back into it, possibly doing regular classes and then moving onto lyrical or modern ballet.
—Guest Kait

Not sure

My little sister begged my mom for ballet, so at three years old she became a dedicated ballerina. She is much more flexible than her 15-year-old cousin who goes to a special school for ballet, and is very proud. She now, at six, has exceptional ballet and balance skills along with amazing flexibility and strength. I think as long as you wish to do it you should. I'm 12 and wish to start between now and summer vacation.
—Guest Young.

i wanted to

I always wanted to do ballet when I was a little kid, but my mother told me it was a waste of time. Then we moved to a small country town when I was 9, and 12 years later at almost 21, I'm still here. So I never got the chance and I'm disappointed, because 21 is WAY too late.
—Guest ellie

From a teacher and professional

Nikki - you actually can start 'proper' training too young; as stated in the article the demands of ballet training are not suitable for young, developing bodies. The age you start doesn't affect your ability to go on pointe either; your own teacher started "late" at 14. Commencing pointe work depends on the strength of your ankles and your technique. I started ballet at 16 and am one of the strongest dancers en pointe amoungst 80+ students and semi- professionals I have danced with in my time. Start at any age - but be aware of what limitations that may entail: 3 - 6 year-olds cannot handle (except a rare few) genuine ballet training, 18+ year-olds are going to find it more difficult as their bodies aren't so malleable. Dreams of becoming a professional after starting at 25 are unrealistic. Not impossible, but unrealistic.
—Guest emboite

I began at 4

I started when I was 4. I was in a pre-ballet classes and now I've been doing it for 11 years and love it! It all depends on your strength & flexibilty whether or not you can be a professional. Otherwise for fun you can start whenever.
—Guest emily

Will i ever do dance class?

My mom always keeps saying no, but i think its up to me, isn't it?
—Guest calnisha

I was 8

When I started I was 8 then I stopped because I moved. I just started again and I'm almost 12. I have had some catching up but it was worth it. It didn't take me long to remember all I did.
—Guest dancergirl

How old should you be for ballet?

I am 11 yrs old. I am going to start ballet. It looks fun!
—Guest tasha


I am fourteen years old and I am beginning classes next year.
—Guest Jill

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