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Readers Respond: At what age did you start ballet?

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Started at 4

I started ball when I was 4 years old, I'm 12 now and having fun being en pointe(got my shoes last year.) I take 6 classes a week plus rehearsal for my dance school's spring ballet!
—Guest Jean

Working pays off

I'm 13 years old and started dancing when I was 7. Even though I've been dancing long, I was always in a class with kids 2 years younger than me. All the girls my age were in the intermediate classes on pointe already. Finally this year I was moved up to the intermediate classes, along with a few younger kids. At first I was upset because I wasn't as good but when I stopped wallowing in self pity and started working harder, it payed off. My dance instructor is finally talking about putting me on pointe, and I've started improving a lot. Just sitting around wishing you were better will never help you. Work hard and it will pay off. Dance is a lot harder than it looks, but I don't know what I would be without it.
—Guest Livelovedance

17 and in ballet class

I started dancing at 3 and quite when I was 11. At 17 I decided I wanted to start again because dance was still a big part of me and something I loved to do.
—Guest Maddi


I am 17 year's old and I love ballet but I feel like am already to old to start. Can I still be a good ballet dancer or am I too old for it
—Guest olivia morin


I am 16 and want to be a ballet dancer is it possible for me
—Guest olivia morin


you should not go on point unles youre feet are ready
—Guest Hannah


I am dancing whith 14 15 16 17 and 18 year olds if my feet were ready I would be on point but they are not hopfuly next year
—Guest hannah

14, but I really want to do ballet

I have been wanting to dance since I was young,but now my mom says that it is too late for me to start ballet. I am so sad! But I read about someone who started when they were 25. Im not very flexible, but more flexible then my friends who did ballet when they were younger. I have also been working on my flexibility.
—Guest Finn


I am 14 and started a few months ago, taking private lessons, now I am done with my private and my teacher things I am ready to join a proper class tonight! I am very nervous, as everyone in the class is younger than me, but I don't care as I want to be on stage and if this is going to get me there it's worth it? It's never to late if you are prepared to work hard and believe you can do it.
—Guest Dancer14

I was 4

I was years old when i started. Now i am 11 and just got promoted to pointe shoes. Super excited!
—Guest pointe shoes

I started when I was 4

I quit for about four years and than when I was 8 I started again
—Guest Sofie


Regret. That's what will happen if you don't join. Better late then never!!!
—Guest Lola

Starting at 12

I am starting ballet this weekend and I'm really worried and scared. I do other dancing but Ive never done ballet before.... I'm soooooo worried about meeting new people as they will be a lot better then me HELP!!!!!
—Guest -


I am starting ballet tomorrow- coincidence- and I just turned twelve. I fell in love with it at 11 when I saw Mara Galaezzi dancing Mayerling ( Misty Copeland is my true inspiration though)but I never dreamed my parents would allow me to do dance- but surprise surprise, they did as my Christmas present . My dance studio seems really welcoming and the teacher even started at age eleven. She did offer for me to start at grade 4!! I think that is a pretty big jump , only because it is where al girls my age will be, but she said I should also try out grade 2. But I'm not fased- as long as I get to fulfill my dream I am happy. I really want to be a proffesional- is that to big a dream...?
—Guest Eden

started at 14

i started at 14 and have done quite well follow your dreams wherever they take you
—Guest bailey

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