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Readers Respond: At what age did you start ballet?

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I really wanna do ballet or dance! Ive been looking at professional dancers and they do some pretty awesome stuff! I wanna be like them; flexible and can do turns and stuff. Im 12 and REALLY wanna start some kind of dance! Is it too late for me?
—Guest Marie

I am 16

Can i start playing ballet or that will not be able or hard for me ?? I am very fit
—Guest Kate

Starting at 15

I'm starting this summer at age 15. I do have some dance experience, but not in ballet. It's more in hip hop, jazz, and contemporary, etc. Never seriously though. I am really looking forward to it. I never plan on becoming a professional or anything, but I would love to do very well. Just for fun! :)
—Guest Lillie

12 years

Hello. I've always wanted to do ballet, and still do. Since I am a great hip-hop dancer, my parents want me to stay in the hip hop area of dancing. And my sister says that ballerinas are dainty. I always wanted to be a professional dancer, but I think it's too late... Only recreational
—Guest Camille


I was 14 when I started ballet, now 15 and I have improved. I will be continuing next year and hope to get the splits down.
—Guest Moi

Started at 14

I started at fourteen, and was very nervous at first. The girls in my class were and still are much younger but I got over it. I'm 15 in August and will probably doing grade 4 ballet or recrational, i'm not sure. I think no one is ever to old too start balley
—Guest Dee


I am in 5th grade and i am 12. there is a amazing preforming arts high school where i live. my dream is just to be happy. i mean we all want to be happy right? well right now i am certainly not! ballet. i want to be a ballerina. right now i play soccer. i travel around the country playing soccer. Its practically all i do. But, ballet is what i want to also do. I don't want to do it cause its cool to do pointe. even though that would be fun! ;] i just want to be happy.i want to start this summer and try to be on pointe next year. end of 6th grade. my DREAM is to audition for the performing arts school in 8th grade and make it. chances are low, but if i believe i know i can achieve greatness! wish me luck asking my parents though.... they already pay tons for school and soccer. sorry for the REALLYY long message i just needed to get my feelings out. Thanks. -hopeful ballerina!
—Guest dancingdream

Am to late to do ballet

I am 11 years old never don ballet and didn't start asking intill this year my mom said that she was going to sign me up am I'm to late to do ballet
—Guest DEDE

Never to late

I am 11 but I practise hard an I can do the splits. I am on grade 4 ballet an I will be on pre-pointe next year so it's never to late
—Guest Ella

I'm going to start

I will, once i find the right studio. I have 3 options but I'm not exactly sure which is best. I'm also thrilled that my family supports me.
—Guest Daniela


I'm 12 and wanted to do Acro but figured I should do Ballet first...am I too old? Everyone on here said they started at 2 or 3...will everyone laugh at me if I come into a ballet studio and I'm twelve years old?
—Guest Jill

I was 3...

I began dancing when I was 3 and seriously dancing ballet at the age of 5. I trained with discipline at a Russian school and began pointe at age 10. I am now 12 and thoroughly enjoying myself, dancing my heart out!
—Guest kita

I started ballet when I was two!

I am now 13 and still do ballet, and I'm now en pointe.
—Guest milly

Not yet

I've always wanted to sign up, but never got the chance to. I am 15, and finally got my mum to agree and I'm going to start tomorrow. Can't wait! Personally, I feel it's possible to start late and still excel as long as you have the passion.
—Guest Faith

When I started

I started ballet in pre-school. It was just pre-ballet and I loved it! I did quite a few performances: Copellia, Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutracker (2 times) and a spring performance. I quit when I was in 4th grade because I did not have enough time, but I am seriously regretting it. I want to start up again and I am 13 now. It won't be easy but it's worth a try!
—Guest Leila

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