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Wedding Dance Floor

Tips for Decorating the Dance Floor at Your Wedding Reception


You've spent months planning a beautiful wedding and reception. You've covered everything from flowers in the church to balloons at the reception. You've had several dance lessons and have been rehearsing a romantic waltz together. But have you considered the space where you and your future spouse will have that magical first dance? Don't let a boring space dampen your special moment...here are a few ideas sure to make even the simplest dance floor sparkle!

  • Balloons: Balloons make any space festive, and they're inexpensive. Try framing the corners of your dance floor with tall helium balloon bouquets in your wedding colors. Party stores will group the balloons into bouquets for you and deliver them to your reception room. If the ceiling above the dance floor is low enough, line it with individual helium balloons. For a dramatic effect, tie each balloon with a long strand of curling ribbon. The balloons and ribbons will "dance" softly over your heads as you glide around the dance floor together.

  • Lights: White or clear twinkle lights set a romantic mood. Outline the perimeter of the dance floor or string several strands on the walls or columns. For a dramatic effect, line the ceiling with lights using a staple gun or clear push pins.

  • Flowers: Fresh flowers add a gentle, romantic touch to any space, and provide fragrance. Choose flowers in your wedding colors and place them in small pots around the dance floor.

  • Monogram: For a sophisticated and trendy touch, project your new initials onto the dance floor or a nearby wall. Rent a projector from a party rental store and cut your initials out of poster board. Place the letters onto the projector and allow your new initials to illuminate the room. (The initials should be the first letter of the couple's new last name in the center with the first letter of the bride's name on the left and the first letter of the groom's name on the right.)
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