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Do you need a wedding dance?


Question: Do you need a wedding dance?
My fiance and I are planning a wedding. We plan to have a small ceremony and a small reception. We won't have a live dj, but we will have music. Do we need a wedding dance?
Answer: While a wedding dance is certainly not a requirement for getting married, it is a fun and special tradition. If you are planning on having a reception following your wedding ceremony, your guests will surely enjoy witnessing your "first dance" as husband and wife.

If time and budget allow, consider wedding dance lessons. Not only will you look great and dazzle your guests, you will also acquire a skill together that you will be able to use for the rest of your lives. Having the ability to dance as a couple is special, as there will be so many opportunities for dancing throughout your lives. Use your wedding as an excuse to learn...you won't regret it.

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