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What Are Zills in Belly Dance?


Question: What Are Zills in Belly Dance?
Answer: Zills, also called finger cymbals, are tiny metal disks worn on the fingers during belly dancing. Zills are secured to the hands with a band of elastic. The elastic is threaded through either a hole or two slots in the zill. (When shopping for zills, look for a set with slots instead of a hole...the ones with the slots are much easier to control.) Dancers commonly attach two zills to each hand, one to the thumbs and one to the middle fingers. Beginner belly dancers usually choose zills that have a diameter of about 2 inches, as smaller disks are easier to play. Professional dancers often prefer larger disks because they are loud enough to be heard while performing. There are several ways to ring the zills while dancing, resulting in a wide range of sounds to accompany the music.
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