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What is Argentine dance?


Question: What is Argentine dance?
Answer: Argentine dance is a popular dance style practiced throughout the world. Argentine dance is characterized by traditional rural dances. Several Argentine dances originated in Argentina and are still performed in the country today, with the most popular being the Argentine Tango.

Throughout the years, Argentine dance has become an essential part of the culture of Argentina. The Argentine Tango, enjoyed by tango dancers of all ages, was born in Buenos Aires. Argentine Tango is much more intimate than Modern Tango, and is well-suited to dancing in small settings. Argentine Tango retains the intimacy of the original dance. Ballroom tango developed from Argentine tango styles, but was modified to fit into the category of ballroom dancing. Ballroom tango incorporates different techniques than the smooth, Argentine dances.

Argentine dances represent the emotions and lives of the people of Argentina. Chamame is one of the most popular forms of Argentine dance, aside form Argentine Tango. The Chamame is performed by two dancers in a cheek to cheek embrace. Cuarteto is another popular form of Argentine dance. Cuarteto is an upbeat dance performed by large circles of dancers moving in a counter-clockwise direction.

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