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How to Tie a Ballet Skirt


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Grab a Ballet Skirt
Ballet skirt
Tracy Wicklund
Many ballet dancers enjoy wearing a ballet skirt during ballet class. A ballet skirt is a very short, circular skirt made of sheer fabric that ties around the waist. The color of a ballet skirt is usually matched to the color of the leotard worn underneath.

Some ballet instructors allow dancers to wear ballet skirts during class, but some prefer them to be strictly warmup gear, along with sweaters and shrugs. Extra clothing worn on top of basic leotard and tights is sometimes distracting for the dancer and often hides the true lines of the dancer's body.

If you would like to wear a ballet skirt over your leotard, you may be wondering how to tie it around your waist. The following illustrated steps will show you how to properly tie a ballet skirt.

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