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Dance Warm Up

Prepare Your Body With a Dance Warm Up


Warming up

Warming up

Photo © Tracy Wicklund
A good dance warm up should be a part of each dance session, whether at the studio or at home. Get into the habit of warming up your body by following these quick tips.

  • Pick a Warm Up Tune:

    Choose a fun, lively song that makes you feel good. You will look forward to your warm up if you perceive it as something fun, instead of hard work. Find a new song every couple of weeks, just to change things up and to avoid boredom.

  • Warm Up Your Entire Body:

    Make sure to attend to each major muscle group. The main point of warming up is to prepare the body for the work ahead, in order to avoid injury. Start at the top of your body and work your way down to your toes.

  • Remember Your Posture:

    Never neglect your posture during a warm up. Make a concious effort to pull up through the center of your body. Make sure you maintain a flat back as you stretch your legs in split and hurdle positions - rounding your back will only stretch your back muscles.

  • Point and Flex:

    As you perform your stretching exercises, try to alternate between pointed and flexed feet. By pointing and flexing the toes, your lower legs and ankles won't be neglected.
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