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How To Improve Your Ballet Posture


How To Improve Your Ballet Posture

Stand like a ballerina

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One of the first things a ballerina learns is how to properly hold her body. One of the distinguishing factors of a ballet dancer is outstanding posture, while dancing or not. You can find your center of balance by imagining a straight line running through your spine. In order to achieve the proper stance, ballet dancers must practice every day. In the beginning, you may find it helpful to lightly hold a barre for balance. The following steps will help you stand like a ballerina.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: A few minutes each day

Here's How:

  1. Stand with feet in first position, heels touching and feet turned out, with knees straight.

  2. Pull in the muscles in your tummy.

  3. Tighten the muscles in your bottom and flatten your back.

  4. Pull up the muscles in your legs.

  5. Widen the shoulders, pushing them down and back.

  6. Hold the arms down in front of the body, with elbows slightly bent and hands soft.

  7. Lift the chin, lengthening the neck.

  8. Breathe deeply and relax.


  1. Keep your shoulders down and open.

  2. Look up and out, never down at your feet.

  3. Glance in a mirror to check your posture.

What You Need

  • Ballet shoes.
  • At first, a ballet barre for balance.
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