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Complete Jazz Warm-Up Routine

Stretching and Isolation Exercises for Jazz Dancing


Jazz stretch

Jazz stretch

Photo © Tracy Wicklund
Before a dance class or home practice session, be sure to perform a proper warm-up routine. Warm-up exercises help to raise body temperature, increase blood flow, and make muscles ready for the demands of the dancing ahead. A good jazz warm-up prepares your body to dance.

The following jazz warm-up routine will prepare your whole body for activity as well as get you motivated to dance. Pump up your favorite dance music to get your body energized and inspired. Use this jazz warm-up routine to get focused and ready.

  • Jazz Stretch RoutineThese stretching exercises will increase strength, flexibility and technique. Remember to never stretch beyond your own limitations.
  • Jazz Isolation RoutineFollow the stretch routine with these isolations. Isolation exercises help to warm up specific body parts.

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