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Review: Luigi's Jazz Warm Up

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Review: Luigi's Jazz Warm Up

Luigi's Jazz Warm Up

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The Bottom Line

"Luigi's Jazz Warm Up" is an easy to read introduction to Luigi's jazz style and technique. The book contains detailed instructions for a 45-minute warm up session. Follow the warm up to awaken, energize and strengthen your body. After warming up, you will be prepared for learning steps and combinations.
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  • A wonderful introduction to Luigi's jazz style and technique
  • Over 400 illustrations
  • Helpful to the beginning, intermediate and advanced dance student


  • Small, black and white images could be more clear


  • Part One: Foundation of the Technique / Luigi's personal philosophy that describes the basis of his technique.
  • Part Two: The Exercises / An illustrated collection of jazz steps and techniques.
  • Paperback, 181 pages

Guide Review - Review: Luigi's Jazz Warm Up

If you are familiar with Luigi, or have ever attended a Luigi dance class, this book will help you understand the underlying principles of his dance technique. The book cleary describes several key exercises used for warming up the body. Luigi describes his technique as a means to allow you to dance from the inside.

Although it is sometimes challenging to learn through pictures, this book does a nice job of teaching proper body alignment and form. Not only will the book help make you a more disciplined jazz dancer, it will also help you with other dance styles, such as ballet and modern dance.

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