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Review - Giselle - The Kirov Ballet

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Review - Giselle - The Kirov Ballet

Gisellle Ballet

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The Bottom Line

The Kirov Ballet Company gives an outstanding performance of a wonderful, historical ballet. The entire company dances with true professionalism and excellence. The Kirov Ballet succeeds in offering a classical rendition of a traditional, moving ballet.
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  • Dancing and choreography is excellent.
  • Beautiful costumes.
  • Cool stage effects.


  • Poor quality, including graininess and distracting silhouettes.
  • Noticeable, distracting yelling from the audience throughout the performance.


  • Performed by the Kirov Ballet Company.
  • Starring Galina Mezentseva, Konstantin Zalinsky and Angelina Kabarova.
  • 108 minute DVD, produced in color.
  • Music performed by the Orchestra of the Leningrad Theatre Of Opera And Ballet.
  • Offers a rare chance to see Soviet dancers performing live in the USSR.

Guide Review - Review - Giselle - The Kirov Ballet

One of the most romantic of all classical ballets, Giselle is about a simple peasant girl who is betrayed by love. She goes mad and dies of a broken heart. She becomes a ghost and is ordered to destroy the man who caused her pain, although she is still deeply in love with him. The ballet deals with the powerful forces of nature, including forest spirits and death. The second act is referred to as the "white act" because everyone is wearing white. In the end, undying love triumphs over betrayal and death.

Although the Kirov Ballet shows much talent throughout the performance, a few of the leading characters appear quite wobbly on their toes. Galina Mezentseva, who plays Giselle, is wonderful both as a dancer and an actor. Her character interpretations throughout the show are breathtaking, although she could stand to gain a few pounds.

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