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A Timeless Tale of Rags to Riches




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After his great success with Romeo and Juliet, Sergei Prokofiev composed yet another wonderful ballet score...Cinderella. Completed in 1945, Cinderella has been added to the list of classical ballet which almost every ballet company performs.

Plot Summary of Cinderella:

The Cinderella ballet is a variation of the original rags-to-riches tale. As the ballet begins, Cinderella is busily scrubbing the kitchen floor, dreaming of happier times when her mother was still alive. After making breakfast for her demanding stepsisters, an old beggar woman appears at the window, begging for food. Cinderella's stepmother forbids her to give out food, so Cinderella offers her own food to the woman, leaving nothing to eat for herself.

An invitation arrives from the palace, inviting Cinderella's stepsisters to the Prince's Royal Ball. Her stepmother takes the sisters shopping for dresses, leaving Cinderella home alone to finish her chores. In an effort to cheer her, a group of friendly mice makes a gown for Cinderella out of a bunch of rags. When she slips on the dress, the old beggar woman appears, transforming herself into a fairy godmother. The fairy godmother changes the rag-gown into a beautiful princess dress, a pumpkin into a carriage, and the mice into horses. She gives Cinderella a pair of glass slippers, then sends her to the ball, ordering her to return home before the clock strikes 12.

When the Prince lays eyes on Cinderella, whom nobody at the ball recognizes, he is instantly mesmerized by her. The stepsisters try desperately to win his attention, but he is only interested in the mysterious woman with the glass slippers. Cinderella loses track of time. When the clock starts to chime, she quickly flees the ballroom, leaving behind one of her glass slippers.

The next day, the Prince sets out to find the girl whose foot will fit the slipper. He proclaims that he will marry the girl to whom the slipper belongs. The stepsisters try desperately to fit their feet into the shoe, but their feet are too big. When the stepmother demands to try on the shoe, she manages to make it fit. The Prince offers the woman's hand in marriage. However, her deception is soon discovered...the Prince is thrilled to find Cinderella, the love of his life. A grand wedding takes place at the palace and the Prince and Cinderella live happily ever after.

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