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Basic Ballroom Position - Closed Position
The closed position is one of the many basic positions in ballroom dancing. In the closed position, partners hold each other while facing one another. The connection between the partners may be a simple handhold or more significant body contact.

Good ballroom dancing involves achieving a perfect closed dance position.

  • The lady should stand slightly to the right of the man.
  • Both partner's feet should be slightly offset, allowing the right foot freedom to step between the other partner's feet.
  • The man should hold the lady's right hand with his left hand. Palms should connect with fingers and thumbs closed. Do not point any of the fingers.
  • The man's right hand should be placed on the lady's back. He should cup his hand with his fingers and thumb together. His hand should rest on her waist or her shoulder blade.
  • The lady's left hand and forearm should rest on the man's upper arm.
  • For maximum body contact, the right half of the man's upperbody should touch the right half of the lady's upper body.
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