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How To Ballroom Dance


Ballroom dancing has recently made an unprecedented comeback. With the popularity of the many televised dancing shows, ballroom dancing schools seem to be popping up all over the country. Dancers as well as non-dancers are trying their hands, or feet, at the many popular social dances. Contrary to what you may think, almost anyone can learn the art of ballroom dancing. Grab a partner and find out how much fun you've been missing on the dance floor.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: You'll be dancing in couple of days - you need enough time to do a little research.

Here's How:

  1. Pick a style of ballroom dancing.
    Do you want to be dancing socially, or are you interested in competing? Maybe you'd like to learn how to do a few basic, casual steps for an upcoming event. Your personal expectations will help guide you in finding the dance instruction that is right for you.

  2. Find a ballroom dancing class.
    Do a little research to find out where and when ballroom dancing lessons are offered in your city. Don't forget to check with local colleges or universities. Social dancing classes are taught on college campuses throughout the United States, attracting many students each semester.

  3. Dress for ballroom dancing.
    If you sign up for a group class, be sure to find out what everyone else will be wearing. Do most people wear leotards and jazz pants to practice? Or do they wear long skirts and ballroom dancing shoes? You'll definitely want to feel comfortable dancing at your first lesson, so make sure you dress to fit in.

  4. Attend a ballroom dancing class.
    This may actually be the biggest step for some people. If you have a very limited dancing background, you are likely to feel a little intimated...don't. Remember that even professional dancers started from scratch. Also, remind yourself that a beginners dancing class will be filled with just that...beginners.

  5. Watch lots of dancing.
    A big part of learning how to dance is watching others dance. Watch ballroom dancing on television, or attend a live competition. You will begin to develop a taste for certain styles that you see.

  6. Practice dancing.
    As soon as you know a few steps, get out and try them. You'll be amazed at how quickly you pick up ballroom dancing, and how fast you'll become comfortable on the dance floor.


  1. Learn the basics of ballroom dancing first. Save the lifts and flips for later.
  2. Sit and listen to ballroom dancing music. Visualize yourself dancing with your partner.
  3. Never decline a dance. It's considered good dancing etiquette to always accept a dance.

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