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Who is the Sugar Plum Fairy?


Who is the Sugar Plum Fairy?

Sugar Plum Fairy

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Question: Who is the Sugar Plum Fairy?
Answer: Probably most known as the inspiration behind Peter Tchaikovsky's famous Nutcracker Suite for the famous holiday ballet, the beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy and her friends together welcome young Clara to the Kingdom of Sweets. The Sugar Plum Fairy is considered by many to be the most sought-after role in the Nutcracker Ballet. The ballet dancer chosen as the Sugar Plum Fairy dances a Pas de Deux with her cavelier, a dance now famous throughout the world.

Tchaikovsky's famous Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy features the sounds of an instrument called a celesta. The celesta is similar in appearance to a piano, but contains metal plates instead of strings. The strings are hit by hammers, producing a very soft, bell-like sound.

The very first production of The Nutcracker was held at the Imperial Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia on December 18, 1892. Ballerina Antoinetta Dell-Era danced as the first Sugar Plum Fairy.

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