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Take Care of Your Tights

How to Keep Your Tights in Good Shape


Dancers, especially ballet dancers, tend to go through a lot of tights. Tights are meant to cling to the legs, so getting them on without a snag from a fingernail is sometimes tricky. Instead of pulling the tights all the way up from your toes, try bunching up each leg of the tights accordian-style in your hands before slipping in your foot. Then carefully unroll the tights onto your legs.

Always handwash tights or place them in a mesh bag before machine washing on gentle cycle. Allow the tights to hang dry.

If a small snag or run appears in the tights, apply a small amount of clear nail polish around the edges to prevent further tearing. This should allow you to slightly extend the life of the tights.

Note: Always carry an extra pair of tights to a recital or performance. Tights tend to snag easily, especially when worn on the legs of active little dancers.

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