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Before You Buy Dance Gear and Dance Clothing


If you have shopped for dance gear or dance clothing lately, you have seen the great variety of dancewear and dance shoes available for all kinds of dance. Dance shops sell all sorts of dance clothing and supplies, or you can find what you need online. Before you go shopping for dance gear or dance clothing, take a look at these guidelines.

Dance Clothing

Dance clothing varies for different styles of dance, but basic tights and leotards will work for just about any class. Some dance teachers do enforce dress codes, especially for ballet, so ask before you buy anything. Besides tights and leotards, many dancers today opt for the ease and comfort of dance clothing such as jazz pants. Jazz pants are often worn in classes of jazz, modern, tap and hip-hop.

Dance Shoes

Perhaps the most important element of a dance clothing, dance shoes must be bought with great care. Each style of dance has a specific shoe designed for optimal performance and injury prevention. When picking out shoes for dancing, proper fit is of utmost importance, as wearing the wrong size shoes can damage the feet as well as the legs and ankles. If you purchase your shoes at a dance store, a professional should be on hand to help you decide which shoes best fit your feet. Take your time when trying them on. Be sure to ask if they are returnable, as they might not fit as well in the studio as they did in the store.

Dance Bags

Every dancer needs a bag of some sort for transporting shoes and other supplies. Most teachers will insist that young dancers wear street shoes to and from the studio, in order to keep their dance shoes in tip-top shape. Dance bags are available in many different styles and sizes, from giant duffle bags to tiny drawstring bags. Consider how much gear you will be toting before choosing a bag.

Fun Extras

Whether you are young or old, every dancer likes to show off the fact that they are, indeed, a dancer. Dance charms have become popular, showing up on necklaces, bracelets and key rings. For the tiny dancers, stuffed animals dressed up like dancers are delightful, as are music boxes with spinning ballerinas. Clothing with images of dancers or dance shoes are popular, especially comfy sweat shirts and pajamas. It's fun to dance, but it's also fun to be a dancer. Have fun and be proud to be a part of the wonderful world of dance.

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