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Dance Gear

Learn all about dance shoes and dance clothes made for various dance styles.
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Before You Buy Dance Gear and Clothing
Dance shops sell all sorts of dance clothing, shoes and supplies, or you can find what you need online. Before you go shopping for dance gear and clothing, take a look at these guidelines.

Online Dancewear
Shopping online for dancewear? Find your favorite brands of leotards, tights, shoes and other dancewear from the list below.

Dance Bag Essentials
A dance bag is important to every dancer...make sure your dance bag is packed with everything you need for dancing.

What's In Your Dance Bag?
What's in your dance bag? Which items do you consider essential to carry in your dance bag?

Dressing for Jazz
What should I wear to a jazz class?

Why Do Some Dance Teachers Enforce Dress Codes?
Why does my dance instructor enforce a dress code?

Keeping Track of Costume Accessories
Use a ziplock bag to keep track of costume accessories.

Discount Dance Supply
Learn about Discount Dance Supply, a leading online and catalog retailer specializing in dancewear and dance supplies.

Pole Dancing Clothes
I'm attending my first pole dancing class and I'm a little nervous about what I should wear. What clothes should I wear to a pole dancing class?

Disco Dress - How to Dress for Disco
Disco Dress - How to Dress for Disco

Warm Up Gear for Ballet
Thigh-high leg warmers keep your legs warm.

How to Make Heidi Braids

How to Dance in a Tutu
Learn the proper way to dance on stage in a ballet tutu.

Costume Stains
Learn how to remove several types of stains, including blood and makeup, from dance costumes.

Ten Things You Should Have in Your Dance Bag
Is your dance bag overflowing? Find out which items are absolutely necessary to carry in your dance bag.

Temps Danse
Learn all about Temps Dance, a French dance wear company.

Review - Venin Warm Up Suit - Temps Danse
A review of the Venin warm up suit by French dance wear company Temps Danse.

Leotard Review: Mathilda
A full review of the Mathilda leotard by French dance wear company Temps Danse.

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