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Ballet During Pregnancy

Ballet Dancing While You Are Pregnant


Most women can safely continue with ballet throughout pregnancy. However, any exercise program or dance classes you participate in should be approved by your doctor. If you've taken ballet classes before, you will probably be advised to make some modifications during your pregnancy.

Ballet and the Pregnant Body

Remember that as your body changes during pregnancy, your sense of balance may be affected. Ligaments and tendons tend to loosen with pregancy, putting your body at risk for injury. Blood volume also increases during pregnancy, forcing your heart to work harder during exercise. Your stamina will probably be reduced, especially during your third trimester.

The good news? You may find a new sense of flexibilty while you are pregnant. A hormone known as relaxin is produced by the body toward the end of pregnancy. Appropriately named, relaxin helps to relax the tissues around the pelvis to aid childbirth.

Your pirouettes may become easier during pregnancy. As your belly grows, your weight will be more forward, resulting in better placement for turning.

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