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Ballet Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions concerning ballet.

What Is the Ideal Body for a Ballet Dancer?
Learn some of the physical attributes of successful ballet dancers.

What is a reverence?
What is a reverence in ballet?

What Are Pointe Shoes Made Of?
I've heard that the toe box in a pointe shoe is made of wood. Is this true?

What Is a Dance Belt?
What is a dance belt?

Why do male ballet dancers wear tights?
Why do male ballet dancers wear tights?

Who Developed the Five Basic Positions of Ballet?
Learn about the five basic positions of ballet.

What Is a Stage Mother?
Learn how to avoid becoming an annoying stage mother.

How Do Pointe Shoes Work?
How do pointe shoes work?

What Is a Pas de Deux?
A pas de deux is a duet in which ballet steps are performed together.

When Is It Time for New Pointe Shoes?
How do you know when it's time for new pointe shoes?

How Important Is Barre Work in a Ballet Class?
Are barre exercises really necessary for excelling in ballet?

Why take ballet lessons?
Learn the value of enrolling in ballet lessons, for both kids and adults.

What is a ballet company?
What is a ballet company?

Pointe Shoes - How Long Do Pointe Shoes Last
Pointe Shoes - How Long Do Pointe Shoes Last

What happens in a typical ballet class?
Learn all about a basic ballet class.

What is a tutu?
What is a ballet tutu?

What is a fouette?
Learn all about the ballet fouette.

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