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Positions of the Arms in Ballet


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Preparatory Position
Ballet preparatory position

Ballet preparatory position

Photo © Tracy Wicklund
Every ballet step originates from one of the five basic feet positions of ballet. There are also five basic positions of the arms in ballet. (Both the names and actual positions vary based on method. The positions shown here illustrate the French Method.)

Practice these positions, as they form the basis for all of ballet dancing.

The preparatory position, or premiere en bas, is not considered one of the basic arm positions of ballet, but it is used often and worthy of noting. The preparatory position is a beginning pose used to start and finish a floor combination.

  • Holding your back straight and your head high, allow your arms to relax in front of you, slightly extended away from the body.
  • Both arms should be rounded with your fingers almost touching.
  • Relax your hands and shoulders.
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