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Warming Up for Ballet

Prepare for Ballet by Warming Up


Warming up your body for a ballet class is essential to preventing injury. Every ballet class has them...the dancers who arrive just as class is beginning, scurrying to find a place at the barre while pulling on their slippers and adjusting their leotards. While these latecomers aren't necessarily late, they would benefit more from the class if they were to arrive a few minutes early in order to warm up and stretch.

A pre-class warm-up and stretch is important for increasing and maintaining flexibility. Ballet technique requires long, lean muscles...these muscles can become tight if they are not properly stretched. Even though most ballet classes begin with a long, slow routine at the barre, stretching a bit beforehand is important for preventing tiny muscle strains and small tears that could keep you from improving your technique later in the class.

Do your body a favor by allowing time for a proper warm up and stretch before class. A few minutes will make a significant difference in the quality of your dancing.

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