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The Ballet Lesson


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Ready for Ballet Class
Ready for ballet class
Tracy Wicklund
Once you have decided that you really want to learn ballet, you will need to prepare for your very first ballet lesson. Although you will probably have asked your new ballet instructor about proper ballet attire, you most likely will need to wear a pair of pink tights and a leotard, and a pair of leather or canvas ballet slippers. Your hair should be placed neatly on your head in a ballerina bun. You should not be wearing any jewelry. You should be carrying a ballet bag packed with a few neccesities such as bottled water and band-aids.

Ballet classes are held in schools and studios throughout the world. Although every school and studio is different, there are two things you can expect to see: a bare floor and a ballet barre. Most ballet studios have large mirrors on the walls, and some have pianos. Make sure you show up earlier than your scheduled class time to allow yourself time to prepare for class. When the ballet instructor calls you into the studio, quietly enter the room and find a space to stand. You are now ready for your first ballet lesson to begin.

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