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Toddler Ballet
Toddler ballet
Tracy Wicklund
Is your young child ready to start learning ballet? Most babies and toddlers respond to the sound of music with joy and enthusiasm. Moving to music is a great way for young children to develop an awareness of dance and an appreciation for music.

Even though your child may seem ready to take part in a formal ballet class, most dance schools require children to be at least three years old to enroll. From three to five years, ballet classes are usually referred to as "creative movement" or "pre-ballet" classes. Many schools offer "Mommy and Me" dance classes, providing an opportunity for parents to attend classes with their children.

If you'd like to expose your toddler to music and dance, don't feel obligated to register for a formal class. With a little imagination and creativity, you can create a fun and stimulating ballet class in the comfort of your own living room. The following ideas will enhance your child's development of fine and gross motor skills as he or she balances, skips, leaps and moves to the music. Turn on some fun music and introduce your child to ballet by incorporating basic ballet terminology with the basic positions of the feet, hands and body.

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