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What Is a Stage Mother?


What Is a Stage Mother?

Stage mom

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Question: What Is a Stage Mother?
I've heard the term but I'm not really familiar with it...what exactly is a stage mother?
Answer: A stage mother (or father) is a term for the mother of a performing child. The parent is usually responsible for driving the child to auditions and rehearsals, making sure the child is on time to performances, and managing the child's performance-related needs and requirements.

A stage parent plays a very important role, especially when the child is young. However, the term sometimes has a negative connotation. Some people associate the term with an obnoxious, annoying person who is trying to live out his or her own unrealized dreams through the child. A stage parent often demands special treatment for the child, or appears to place too much pressure on the child to succeed. If the child begins to feel too much pressure, he or she may begin to dislike the activity, claiming that it's just "not fun anymore."

In order to avoid becoming annoying stage mothers or fathers, parents need to avoid putting undue pressure on their children to be "the best" and simply allow them to have fun learning their chosen activity. If the child ever decides to try an alternative activity, the parent should be open to the suggestion and honor the child's individual aspirations. Forcing a child to learn something he or she dislikes will only foster resentment in the long run. Children mostly need praise and approval from their parents...everything else will follow.

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